Inside Politics With KARL ROVE
November 9, 2011

GOP Political Guru

From WJ.Com, if you’re a political junkie, you’ll love reading Karl Rove’s viewpoint on the past week’s up and downs for Republicans.  The entire piece is available here.   We like his observations on the Herman Cain “conspiracy” and Bill Clinton’s new book undercutting the SITTING President:

“On the presidential front, Herman Cain’s responses to charges of sexual harassment are drawing questions about his sure-footedness. He and his campaign have made several false accusations and had to revise their initial story regarding Mr. Cain’s knowledge of the charges. Mr. Cain needs to press the National Restaurant Association to release reports he says will exonerate him of the first two complaints. The controversy is now too big to be resolved by declarations of innocence, no matter how passionate.

Politics was also roiled this week by two “Bills.” The first is White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley. He was stripped of some day-to-day management responsibilities and then trashed on background by past and current White House staffers. Many (this writer included) had welcomed Mr. Daley’s appointment. His loss of real power is evidence that White House senior adviser and political overlord David Plouffe runs the West Wing—and that class warfare trumped any possibility of a move to the center by Mr. Obama.

Then there’s Bill Clinton. In his new book, “Back to Work,” he spells out his own jobs plan and then undercuts the president. While Mr. Obama obsessively demands higher taxes, Mr. Clinton says, “Right now, in this fragile economy, I don’t favor raising taxes.” Mr. Clinton is right on substance but is complicating Mr. Obama’s life.”



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