Do You Want Your Children To Have An Anthrax Vaccine?
October 29, 2011

Like only a motion picture could depict, and Warner Brothers recently did with its movie “Contagion”, a biological attack on American families would be the most devastating event imaginable.  Knowing that evil leaders like Sadaam Hussein have not hesitated to use nerve gas, or experimented with Anthrax, means the U.S. authorities have to prepare for such events.

But as a parent, would you want your child to be one of the first to be inoculated for Anthrax as part of a preventative effort?  Here’s what

In A Dire Emergency...You Would Want It For Your Family

FOX NEWS is reporting about a serious effort underway to examine the possibility of protecting the nation’s children from Anthrax:

An advisory board said Friday that ethical issues need to be resolved — but if that can be accomplished the vaccine can be tested in children to be sure it’s safe and to learn the proper dose in case it’s needed in a terrorist attack.

Because of concerns that terrorists might use the potentially deadly bacteria, the government has stockpiled the vaccine. It has been widely tested on adults but never on children.

The question is whether to do tests so doctors will know if children’s immune systems respond to the shots well enough to signal protection. The children would not be exposed to anthrax.

The National Biodefense Science Board said Friday a separate review board should look into the ethical issues of doing such tests in children. If that is completed successfully, the panel, said, the Department of Health and Human Services should develop a plan for a study of the vaccine in children.

How to protect young people after an anthrax attack is a challenging issue, said Dr. Nicole Lurie, a member of the board and assistant secretary for preparedness and response at the Public Health Service. “Protecting children still stands, for me, among the most important responsibilities that we have as a nation.”



4 Responses to “Do You Want Your Children To Have An Anthrax Vaccine?
October 29, 2011

  1. Why do they only want to vacanate children? If it’s soo contages, why not everyone? Also I thought children were already recieveing this as part of their baby/preschool vacations? Yes, I guess I would!?!

  2. Had the series of six Anthrax boosters before deployment to the Gulf.  After the 3rd shot, I developed Bells Palsey on the left side of my face.  After the 4th booster, Bells Palsey on the right side of my face.  After the sixth booster, I almost blead to death from I.T.P.  I had a ZERO platelet count in my blood.  Never had medical problems prior to the Anthrax boosters.  We (the American citizens) are NOT being told the complete truth about the vaccine.  Ask questions before you put this stuff in your body, or in your kids bodies.  I for one, will take my chances without it.  I refuse to subject my kids to a possible side effect of DEATH!

  3. The government has already tested the vaccine on adults. The only question is whether to test it on children. I think I would too.

  4. Tom….thank you so much for your service and your sacrifice for the country. We are so saddened to hear that you suffered so because of the vaccination. Hope you have recovered and welcome your insights on many issues on The Kitchen Cabinet. Thanks, TKC