July 8, 2012

Too Much To ASK?

What is wrong with inviting every patriotic American to show their driver’s license or state-approved Identification, before we vote?

The only reason Attorney General Eric Holder, the Democrats, and the Obama White House are challenging Voter I.D. petitions all across the country, is to SUPPORT the votes of those who are NOT qualified to participate, which are dominantly Democrat voters, illegals in some case, and voters not current in registration. Hearings begin in Washington immediately:

If you care about Elections, you care about Fair and Free Elections

“The five-day hearing will rule on whether the US justice department has the power to block Texas from implementing a state law requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls – a move critics say will disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of people, principally Latinos and other minorities.

The decision by a federal court is likely to have a bearing on a flood of similar legislation in other states over recent years although the issue is expected to end up before the supreme court.

Holder Leads The Charge To Block Voter I.D.

The Obama administration blocked the Texas legislation using a clause in the 1965 Voting Rights Act which requires 16 states with a history of discriminatory laws and practices to clear all or some changes in voting laws and constituency boundaries with the justice department.

The Texas attorney-general, Greg Abbott, argues that the Voting Rights Act does not apply because the state is simply enforcing anti-fraud measures in order to “protect the integrity of the vote”.

Voter Truth Or Voter Suppression?

But civil rights groups say the voter ID law discriminates against minorities, and to a lesser extent the young and the old, who are less likely to hold driving licenses, the primary means of identification issued by Texas state authorities.”

ANYONE can make an honest effort….to prove their identity in an era when voter fraud has become …..a profession.



July 8, 2012

  1. only those that are not eligible will find fault…i say show i.d. be proud of who you are..DMV gives walker i.d.’s to those not eligible for a driver’s license and if you don’t have the right paperwork for that sorry guess you can’t vote…i say go with proper i.d.  nothing else will qualify…

  2. back in 2002 my son, a South Dakota resident, was in school in Minnesota.  On election night I learned he had neglected to get an absentee ballot and gave him an earful about it.  So at 6:30 PM, he went to the polling place in Minnesota, registered to vote there, and cast a ballot.  There was no way anybody could verify that he had not already voted in south Dakota, and apparently, Minnesota doesn’t care who votes in their elections, or how often!

  3. Here in Virginia, we poll workers are to encourage ALL people to vote.  If they are suspect or don’t seem to qualify, we offer them a PROVISIONAL balot.  Those Provisional balots are reviewed by a Board of Elections before being counted.  Most of them are thrown out.  I suspect the young man in Minnesota cast a provisional balot…at least I hope so.

  4. The problem with the argument the critics use about minorities less likely to get a driver’s license in Texas is so ridiculous.  In addition to the d.l. Texas also offers an ID for non-drivers.  At the SAME TIME – they will register you to vote!!!!!!!!  How much easier can it be?  The only “disenfranchised” are those who are not legal to vote in the first place.
    Frankly, the 1965 Civil Rights act needs to be amended to take out that bit about the 16 states, or add it in for everyone.  It’s time.

  5. EVERYONE has some form of ID if they are legally in this country. Even students have school identification or else they are not allowed to purchase their books in the book store or register for classes. And saying this law will disenfranchise the old is ridiculous – you cannot receive Social Security or Medicare or Medicaid if you do not have identification.

    The DOJ requires visitors to show ID to enter the building. You cannot go on the public tours of the White House without showing ID. What’s with the double standards??

    So, yes. . . .only the illegal invading un-entitled  will try to force “No ID Required” laws. 

  6. If I don’t have to show ID to vote, then I shouldn’t have to show ID to a cop when he demands it, or to the cashier if I’m buying beer.
    In this day and aged if you don’t have a photo ID you can’t do much. So why is the administration trying to say that minorities won’t be able to vote? Sounds like pandering to me.

  7. Good grief! I’ve moved to a new state, and you would not BELIEVE the documentation that I have to take with me to get a new Driver’s License….divorce decree, new marriage certificate, birth certificate, utility bill to prove residency…I’m afraid they’ll ask for my undie size before I’m done! Why the heck is it so terrible to ask VOTERS to show a photo ID???? This is NOT about the elderly or minorities…this is about the Liberals who want to point fingers at supposed voter-fraud when they themselves have committed it…remember ACORN????

  8. I am proud to be an American, a natural born citizen of this Union. I had to show ID when I enrolled in college. I had to show ID when I birthed my children. I had to show ID when I picked up my children from school. I vote. I already have had to show ID to do so. I am pleased to show my ID when required. Who complains about it? Those without the rights of a citizen OR those who would like to take advantage of a perceived opportunity by USING OR EXPLOITING those who have no rights to vote due to lack of citizenship. Requiring a show of ID or proof of citizenship is not an infringement of our rights but rather an act of assurance to all citizens protection of our Constitutional Rights as determined by those who orriginally fought for, died for and laborously established. Our security or rights as citizens should not be trampled on or be made light of by any person. I take this personally. I do not consider this “just business”. I rather take this as an attack on this Union from within. Please do not allow the destruction of our rights as citizens from within. Please, REQUIRE ID. 

  9. The ONLY reason Holder, Obama and the democrats don’t want IDS shows at voting places is so that all those illegals Obama gave amnesty can vote – because most are mexicans, south americans, central americans, and all other illegals.  They can’t vote because they aren’t legal.  But Obama and his entourage don’t care, as long as they get the votes – legally or illegally.

  10. Obama is the FIRST president I ever heard of that wants to back illegal voting practices.   These poor latinos that they are claiming wont be able to vote, have to show ID to get treated at any hospital, to get cable television, any utility, WELFARE, etc.  Obama has slapped the LEGAL citizens across the face since DAY 1 . . . . .  at the very least how about a true election not one participated in by illegals?

  11. Reading these comments I have not seen 1 in support for not having to show ID, in my daily life I have not heard 1 person complain about having to show ID to vote.. This is complete Obama BS.  As a matter of fact, before I could vote in the 2008 election I had to be on my local ASSIGNED polling station, if I was NOT on that I could not vote.  How did I get on that list?  I registered to vote by going and showing my ID.  This should not even be an issue!  Obviously Obama is trying to get illegals to the polling stations, absolutely  transparent!

  12. If a registered voter goes to his polling place and presents an expired driver license, has he proved who he is?
    Does ANYONE (other than legislators who write voter ID laws) seriously doubt the person with an expired DL is who the DL claims he is?
    If the identity of a person with expired DL is not in dispute, voter ID laws have something in design other than proving who voters are.
    My birth certificate was stolen and without it I will be unable to renew my DL when it expires.  Supporters of voter ID laws tell us ID is available for free but nowhere is a birth certificate available for free.  Explain why I should not be allowed to vote if I present an expired DL.