The Art Of A Personal Attack
October 31, 2011

Clooney & Gosling in Ides of March....Political Scandal Leveraged Here Too

Today’s flaming arrow directed at Herman Cain didn’t just take flight and miraculously land on news desks at  The story intimating that Herman Cain harassed a female employee has been percolating quietly somewhere, waiting for the moment when the former C.E.O.  might emerge as a frontrunner for the presidency.  A time when someone harboring information from his past, of any kind, would instantly have leverage.

A phone call is made to a newsroom.  An unsigned note or an e-mail lights the way.  Suddenly has a lead and before you know it they’re drawn to the story like a dry horses to a trough.

Key words give an “unconfirmed” story legs….like sexual harassment for instance.  Or misdirected funds.  A fake diploma.  A DUI.  And overnight, your life’s achievements, public service, personal skills, and your professional distinctions are secondary.  You’re on the national stage, where anyone clothed is strategically x-rayed by old enemies and

new ones.  Political strategists are expert at arranging for a select reporter to get the story, and as soon as it is printed, THAT version…whether accurate or not….whets the appetites of every other news outlet in the country, or the world.  In a matter of hours, Herman Cain can no longer talk about 9 – 9 – 9, about jobs, or about his next meal.

A perfectly respectable man, offering himself as a public servant, with a past just as human as anyone, is tainted by SCANDAL.

For campaigns, polling numbers will instantly reflect the hesitation among voters who are just barely paying attention.  For the media, even the hint of scandal gives hope for days and days of lead stories and sidebars.

The Judgmental Lights Of Politics Heat Up Cain's Campaign

Did Herman Cain step over the line and invite a provocative situation, or harass a female employee?  Anyone running for The White House today should know better, and know that such a tale would never remain quiet in a high-profile presidential race.  What was Herman Cain thinking?  And why did he share at least three different versions of the facts today in repeated interviews on a topic that truly was no surprise to him?  The “incidents”  and the “settlements” pail in comparison to the poor judgment Cain displays by not anticipating that his past acts would be open to question.

Another hayday for the press.

Tomorrow? Perhaps  Mitt Romney and his Church.  Or Michele Bachmann and her Minnesota nursing facility.   Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter.  And everyone gets paid for doing it.





3 Responses to “The Art Of A Personal Attack
October 31, 2011

  1. Perhaps itwas a lie then and e didn’t figure some slime balls were trying to dig up anything they could and make something huge of it.  Does this seem familiar? TRemember the media tried to shred his reputation.  He drank beer = had alcohol problem.  None of those media talked much about Obama’s admission to experimenting with drugs, with homosexuals.  No one mentioned what was he hiding to pay millions to cover his past?  
    Let us not forget what the progressives did to Clarence Thomas.  They are like savages and I hope their pasts are exposed. 
    Remember what the media and progressives did to Sarah Palin?  People are not even sensible about her.  Every stupid thing said about her some people believed.  Jealous? Knew she might win a presidency campaign? Probably.  
    Now = we have Herman Cain.  Guess what – the progressives mysteriously found something that they can try to ruin his reputation with.  How amazing!
    The fact that they attacked him means they fear he might win the president slot in 2012.  Does anyone know anything about Reid, Obama, Pelosi, Boxer, Honda, etc.   Oh but wait, that would make us on their low level.  Forget it!  Let’s pray – God is more than able to take care of this man and the responsible parties.  yaaaaaaaa 

  2. I have my doubts about whether anything was ever proven or if it was just accusations. As for inappropiate touching the question is what does that mean. Did he hug them? And what is an inappropriate gesture?  In these days it seems that all too many women – certainly not ladies – will look for any hint of sexism or harassment so they can sue for money. Seems that is what happened here, nothing more. Herman Cain is a decent man and the people who are desperate to transform this into a socialist nation are intent on destroying anyone who stands in their way. This is a repeat of what they did to Clarence Thomas. Although they didn’t succeed in stopping his confirmation to the Supreme Court, they did taint his reputation and many idiots today despise him.  Does anyone remember the night Alec Baldwin got on national TV and in an angry rant against Clarence Thomas and the Senate Republicans over the Impeachment of Bill Clinton?  And he is still an idol to many Americans. The news media never bothered to run that story of Alec Baldwin’s angry rant.

  3. Good thoughts Carl. Herman Cain is a decent man. Everyone can sense that. Probably should have been ready for this one though…..regardless of what happened. Or didn’t happen.