Janine Turner: A Conservative Heroine For Our Time
November 4, 2011

Janine Turner in CBS hit "Northern Exposure"

There is only one thing Hollywood likes less than a conservative, and that’s a conservative woman.  Janine Turner is definitely a conservative woman, and she has had a fun, interesting life.  A Texas native, an outstanding student, an early-bloomer as an actress, she was never just “discovered.”  She earned her successes.  In 1990, at the age of 27, Janine landed a starring role in Northern Exposure.  The show was a smash hit and she in it.  Janine could have easily and profitably kept her political worries to herself.  Towed the line.  Played the game.

Instead she stood up for what she believed in and began to speak out about her conservative and spiritual beliefs.

Not a recipe for getting other starring roles in Hollywood!  That’s why The Kitchen Cabinet LOVES

Blazing A New Career in Talk Radio


Janine Turner has campaigned for candidates with strong principles, worked shoulder to shoulder with Sarah Palin when she needed her, and has moved back to Texas so that she can also be a success at her most important job, being a good Mom to daughter Juliette.   A new broadcasting career is building for Janine on talkradio, and every conservative woman in the country should take a moment and join her.  IN SOLIDARITY!

Here’s Janine’s website, www.janineturner.com and you can contact her there, or find her Saturday evening commercial talk radio showon 570 KLIF at 9pm, and speak to her yourself.  The Kitchen Cabinet is going to help in launching her new web radio show which airs daily.  Just watch our homepage.


Finally, Janine Turner and Washington’s Cathy Gillespie continue to push forward their mission to emphasize the Constitution in our schools.  If you’re a teacher, an administrator, a parent in leadership at your school, especially check out  their “Constituting America” website.   www.ConstitutingAmerica.com   Turner and Gillespie are re-energizing kids and educators about the greatness of our Constitution.  HOW OVERDUE IS THAT?  In a time when we have record immigrants who have

Best High School Song Contest Winner Jacob Wood, Constituting America

little or no experience with American history, this initiative is so valuable.

So… spread the word.  By any measure, Janine Turner and Cathy Gillespie are Women Changing America.



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