Corrupt Lobbyist Jack Abramoff On 60 Minutes: He Knew It Was Wrong, But Enjoyed It.
November 6, 2011

Convicted Lobbyists Took Lots Of Photos With LOTS of Politicians

Should we give lawbreakers the national stage to bathe in the limelight of their crimes?  Leslie Stahl of CBS was certainly enthralled with her big “get” on 60 Minutes last night, when convicted back-slapper, millionaire lobbyist Jack Abramoff agreed to be interviewed in exchange for plugging his new book.  Abramoff  literally smiled and laughed at how easy it was to “buy” legislation good for his clients and bad for the American public.  Only one good thought came out of the entire thing:  Abramoff said that the one reform which would make a difference in how the People’s business is conducted in Washington, would be to make it illegal for members of White House or Congressional staffs to become lobbyists after leaving public service.

That’s the giant boondoggle for those who work in Washington.  Serve the People for 4 or 8 years, and then cash in on your contacts by becoming a “lobbyist” or a paid friend of powerful people on “K” Street in Washington, D.C.  That one change in the law would stop most of the unnecessary and exploitative legislation which is passed each year and is robbing Americans of good, honest government.

Thanks Jack.  Glad your corrupt restaurant is closed.  Your sky-boxes are lost.  Your golf trips in Scotland with Congressman are over.

60 Minutes Allows Abramoff To Revel In His Pay-Offs

If you knew it was wrong, WHY did you do it anyway?

Here’s the interview…we share it only to LEARN from it.;contentAux



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