If Only We Could Erase 4 Years The Same Way!

Cleveland Voter Fraud Billboard..PULLED DOWN

This billboard?  A friendly reminder to voters in the Cleveland, Ohio area that voter fraud is a FELONY.  But now thanks to civil rights activists with a legal fund, all 145 billboards will have to come down.  They’re intimidating, according to a judge, to voters.  Huh?  How about just a fair warning?

The only way Obama can win now….is to cheat.  Here’s the story.

Bulletin: Obama Campaign Goes Into DEBT

Meltdown beginning?  The Obama campaign has taken out a loan with Bank of America, for $15 million.  It comes due on November 14th. Bank of America has been the President’s secret treasure trove of cash….but this is the first time the campaign has had to ask for a LOAN.  Perhaps the campaign is already over?  WHERE IS THE ONE BILLION dollar hot air balloon which was supposed to carry Obama to a second term?


Deliberate or Just…Incompetent???

Mother Of Libyan Attack Victim Sean Smith…Slams Obama

Somehow the President seems to have a tin ear for foreign policy, especially when it involves attacks by Muslim’s on the U.S.  Today Pat Smith calls out the President for minimizing the death of her son, which probably could have been avoided, and for which there is still no HONEST explanation.

President Obama’s Words…Were Lies

Lies, a cover-up and videotape.  The President vehemently pretended that he identified the Libyan “terror” attack in his earliest statements made in The Rose Garden.  All the evidence is to the contrary.  Why can’t we count on President of the United States to tell the truth when American lives have been lost? In a debate OR in The Rose Garden? An investigation may become the closing drama of the Obama presidency.

Local Gas Station Makes A Big Statement

What REALLY Happened On That Stage

Conservatives everywhere were waiting for Governor Romney to confront President Obama about the Libyan tragedy.  It didn’t happen.  Because the debate between two contenders…suddenly was a debate of THREE.  Read The Kitchen Cabinet’s assessment of why the President was standing…alone.

An OPEN LETTER To CNN’S Candy Crowley

Martha Raddatz did her best with the VP debate.  But how aggressive can a moderator be when President Barack Obama ATTENDED your wedding?

The Kitchen Cabinet has higher hopes for Candy Crowley, and in this open letter, tells her why women across the country are COUNTING ON HER.

THE HILL: What Really Happened In Libya

Become an expert.  When President Obama faces Mitt Romney and the nation tomorrow night, make sure YOU know what really happened when Al Qaeda attacked and assassinated our Ambassador to Libya. Then let’s all measure our President by how much the TRUTH matters to him.  At present, his administration appears to have perpetrated a cover-up, more misleading than anything seen since WATERGATE.