An OPEN LETTER To CNN’S Candy Crowley
October 16, 2012

              T H E  K I T C H E N  C A B I N E T


CNN’s Respected Political Reporter Candy Crowley

Dear Candy:

We’re counting on you.  Every woman worrying about making the bills, stretching out the mortgage payment, trying to keep the gas tank full…we’re all counting on you tonight Candy.

The Kitchen Cabinet was hopeful when you were selected to moderate this important debate, because you are one of the few well-trained journalists left in the news business.  No one has to tell you how to sniff out a story.

As you have so well described it, MODERATING is LISTENING. Not just ASKING. It’s more about following-up an answer, not just asking the first question.

In this sense, we don’t care about the clock.  Or how many “categories” of questions we conquer tonight.  Just make sure both candidates are held ACCOUNTABLE for their comments.

Ask the questions that WOMEN are asking.

Telling Falsehoods at the United Nations. Americans Want Answers.

1-Why did the President give false information on the international stage about Benghazi and the attack and assassination of our Ambassador?

2-If Barack Obama suggests that only the State Department was briefed on security, how is that so?  How can the President of the United States be out of the loop on the level of safety and security of a region where we just helped to unseat a 40-year dictator this year? An enemy of the U.S. like Muammar Gaddafi?

Romney sees jobs growth with BIG ENERGY STRATEGY

3-Have Governor Romney OUTLINE how his energy plan will create millions of jobs. What compromises will we have to make in the Environment?

4-How would Governor Romney have handled Libya, and how will he handle Syria…Iran?

Most importantly Ms. Crowley? Don’t let television executives hijack the debate, or political strategists with their last minute demands.  If the upstairs brass at CNN tells you “there could be some new directions for you if this debate goes well…”

DON’T SELL OUT.   You’re making history tonight.

A Who’s Who of celebrities at The White House Correspondent’s Dinner.
NOT Journalists.

You are the only person standing between America and the truth tonight. ABC’s Martha Raddatz was a slave to an outline, to the clock, and to her friendship with the President.  America’s voters are counting on a journalist like you, to put aside everything except getting to the TRUTH.

Even if it means…a lousy table at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner!



The Kitchen Cabinet of Nat’l Independent & Conservative Women’s Leaders





13 Responses to “An OPEN LETTER To CNN’S Candy Crowley
October 16, 2012

  1. This is great! Did you actually send this to her.  I’ve been hoping she would stay out of the way of the candidates and be non-partial in facilitating the debate.


  3. I pray you will not be as bias as I find the media lately. Do not look away from the issues of the world. I want to hear from the candidates not hear your views. If I want your views I would watch your show. This is about the candidates and their views on the issues. Please do not ignore the problems with Syria and Libya. 

  4. Ms. Crowley, I expect you to be FAIR. That means shutting Romney up when he tries to go over time, interrupts or other makes an ass of himself. Bring in the fact checkers and demand that he outline his budget completely. Stay on him. He truly is the anti-Christ, and you can use that when you ask him a question. I doubt if you will.

    Ask him, out right, what he plans to do with women’s right and ROEvWADE.  

  5. Candy has already stated that putting Paul Ryan on the Republican ticket was a “death ticket” so she is already biased and will, most likely, be very one sided.  Hey, Janice, Romney didn’t interrupt one time during the first debate, you’ve got it mixed up with Biden and Ryan.  If Romney is the anti-christ, which he most definatley is NOT, then Obama is satan himself.  And can we please stop hearing about woman’s reporoductive systems, is that really what is going to make this country any more economicallly sound, secure, a leader in the world again?  NO, it’s just a bunch of whinny libbers wanting to screw around, get pregnant then kill the baby because they don’t want to be bothered.  

  6. Wait!   Janice says the anti-Christ is pro-life!  I think that’s what she meant.  I really think that’s wrong,  Janice.

  7. I’m a staunch supporter of Mitt & drivel like that is so, well just sad. Someone that really understood that keeping Obama means going the path of Greece and Spain. They don’t understand the dire straights this country is in or the focus that is going to be needed to save it. And if they would just become more informed about Obama and who he is, maybe they’d understand. Whether they get a government subsidized abortion or birth control paid for seems to be their priority. Vote him in and we are giving away our country’s future. But…free birth control, free Obama phone… enjoy!

  8. Please do not act like the kind of twit the democrats think all women are.

  9. Janice, by what notion do you feel Romney is the Anti-Christ?????  The Republicans didn’t deny God.  Romney didn’t deny God.  I don’t get your twisted thinking.  You sound like a crazy woman.

  10. This debate is about the two men vying to lead our Country. Ms. Crowley will serve America well to stay objective so the byline isn’t about her. If it must include her, may the footnote be that she kept the candidates on point, she asked fair questions of both…and she let them answer within the rules set for this venue. We, the people, want to hear what Romney and Obama have to say. She keeps this in mind, as The Kitchen Cabinet and others have called her to do, and tonight’s debate should be illuminating, to say the least. 

  11. Can you tell me what Obama’s tax plan is? Everyone keeps asking for Romney to give specifics but no one ever asks Obama.

  12. Ms. Crowley:

    I hope you will be fair tonight.  Ms. Raddatz was so obviously siding with Mr. Biden at the last debate, she looked like a feather-headed parrot.

    Women across America are hoping you can lend some credibility to women journalists, by not pandering to Mr. Obama.

    Mr. Obama is not fooling us. We know what a terrible president he has been, and we will NOT stand for four more years of incompetence.       

    And, why are teleprompters being allowed? Is it because Mr. Obama cannot speak without having  ready-made  copy spoon-fed to him by his speech writers?     

  13. Well, she sold American women out just as I knew she would. Janice,is one of these ignorant women who spout half-truths and really do not even understand what they are saying.  If ever there is an anti-Christ in the public realm—it is Obama. He is very scary and I do not put ANYTHING past him.  So disappointed in you as a fellow woman. You were also not slick with your sell-out at all.