Why Independent Women Should Vote For Mitt Romney
August 27, 2012

Independent Women’s Votes for Romney/Ryan could well be the KEY to winning this Presidential election.

This video presents a list of why they should do so. Share with all your friends & family:



12 Responses to “Why Independent Women Should Vote For Mitt Romney
August 27, 2012

  1. Hi, 

    I just watched your video.  While you make some good points, I’m concerned that you are missing the big issues.  I am a conservative woman.  I am a mechanical engineer and obtained my MBA from Vanderbilt University.  I am now ‘retired’ and stay at home with my two small children.

    I have lots of liberal friends.  As you know statistics point to the fact that the majority of women vote for liberal candidates.  In talking with my friends, I realize they are voting the way they do because of social issues (abortion and gay rights mainly).  The reason they do that is because they, for the most part, don’t really understand or aren’t interested in economic issues.

    Liberals and the media are playing into this fact by saying conservatives are ‘anti-women’. The reality is, many women will simply never vote for a candidate that supports banning abortion and is against gay marriage … unless we can convince them that economic issues are more important than those social ones. 

    Our challenge is not to convince women that Mitt is more like-able or more qualified.  Our challenge is to help women understand WHY the conservative economic platform is the right platform and WHY that is so important.

    I always say, when we can’t put bread on the table/feed our families as a result of being out of work, those social issues become much less important.

    Those are my thoughts for what it is worth. 

  2. I forgot to add, I appreciate what you are doing.  Thank you.

  3. Really??? A society is made by people, if this country do not recognize individuals right, what else metters? I dont wanna live in Iran…

  4. Leslie: Your thoughts are dead on, and well-taken. My job in composing that video, was to speak to women who are also driven by SOCIAL issues. Women who in some ways feel like they have to make a leap to vote for Mitt Romney. The moral issue of this year is the ECONOMY. Demonstrating to women how Barack Obama is selling them down the river, will promising them a sunny future…is our real job. And you totally get it. Share The Kitchen Cabinet? We need more and more women to come to it, and use it as a source of messaging….to THEIR friends. Appreciate you taking the time to comment Leslie.

    Sonja Eddings Brown

  5. As a woman who votes Independent, these are pretty mediocre reasons to me. He went to Harvard? He gave his staff time off? Let’s deal with some of the big picture i.e. economic issues. 8 years of George Bush’s tax policies left us in horrible debt and destroyed the economy. In response, Romney refuses to say exactly how he’s going to handle the catastrophe of 2008 besides by cutting our taxes and cutting spending without any real details of what he would cut and where the money would come from without taxes. So vote for what you know –  a long hard struggle back from the cliff that Bush left us on and know that your rights are secure OR a non-budget, a non-plan where someone is telling us we’ll get something for nothing and KNOW that your rights will be infringed upon as a woman. Yes, it’s pretty stark. I’m a fiscally conservative, socially liberal woman and I’ll be voting for Obama. At least I know what he stands for.

  6. Lady, I don’t know what you are smoking or how much you were paid to endorse Mr. Romney but you and your organization are a joke.  NO woman deserves to have a man deceide her healthcare and NO woman deserves the right to have an abortion taken away from her.  It’s her body and her choice to make.  Independent woman are going to vote for a leader that is going to stand beside them and who is going to help them and not push them into the background like a Republican would.  Republican men would be just as happy with their wives at home making them supper, having their children and bringing them their slippers.  Wake up lady.  It’s 2012, not 1940. 

  7. Why is not using a teleprompter a qualification for president?

  8. Trust me..The Kitchen Cabinet is full of women who are in charge of their lives, their bodies, their healthcare and their family budgets. That’s WHY we must insist that the Oval office house someone with SKILLS. Thanks for your comment. I work for free.

  9. The problem is, we have a President who is only on message when someone else tells him what it is. Romney writes his OWN speeches. Is master of his own thoughts. We see that as a distinction. You might notice that the campaign for Obama has him plugged into a teleprompter even on the ROAD. Thanks for your comments.

  10. If you know “what Barack Obama stands for” and that’s fine by you, we can’t figure out why you are hanging around here at TKC.

    For an “Independent”, you certainly have more than a passing acquaintance with the Progressive Left’s Talking Points.


  11. Someone posted your link and I honestly was interested in what you had to say to independent women. That’s what it means to be “independent,’ you actually pay attention to both sides’ talking points. I’ve voted for Republicans in the past, I probably will in the future. Just not this election. 

  12. As for women thinking a Republican President will take away thier right to abortion is just as crazy as people thinking a Democrat President will take away thier guns.  Rowe vs. Wade will never be overturned so Pro-Life/Pro-Choice should be a non-issue.  I’m voting for Romney because he has proven himself as a leader and someone who knows how to help a stuggling business succeed.  If we want to get out of the hole George Bush left us in (and Obama dug deeper) then we need someone with experience.  Job numbers were released today and they are no better off than they have been in the past.  The Obabma administrations answer “you can’t just look at one month” Well, they have been this bad your entire presidency and you refuse to change tactics.  If Obama would of taken a page out of Clinton’s book and decided to move to the center instead of just asking for more time he may have a chance, but refusing to admit your mistakes and keeping with the status quo definately is NOT Working – like much of the American people.