Why Don’t More Skilled Americans WANT To Be President? Here’s Why.
August 28, 2011

Candidate On The Run

Politico.com put together a montage  demonstrating Michele Bachmann’s campaign being “rough with the media.”


Honestly.  All Politico’s video reveals is that Bachmann needs bodyguards.  The campaign trail treats candidates today like …..like cattle.  Being pushed and shoved between one line and then another.  Criticized by locals if they don’t spend enough one-on-one time.  Keeping schedules that would collapse a teenager.

Is Bachmann’s team being too harsh with the media?  No.  The media is the most punishing of all.   Top-tier candidates are followed by a busload or two of national press corps members, armed with high-definition, portable video cameras ready to capture the slightest gaffe, still cameras ready to capture a false

Good Days And Bad Days On The Campaign Trail

moment, and cell phones recording every greeting or offhand comment, and all of them ready to pounce.

Ask yourself, why would any talented, skilled, well-educated, problem-solver in business or any other desperately-needed specialty, WANT TO STEP INTO THIS KIND OF RODEO? This is Governor Mitch Daniel’s wife from Indiana, said NO to a run for President. This is why Paul Ryan is staying out of the race, to protect his time with his young family. This is why Chris Christy from New Jersey has said “No” repeatedly to pleas that he toss his hat into the 2012 race.

Another Campaign Event

If we want better candidates to run for public office, we need to make the process, human.



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