What Women Need To Know About The Violence Against Americans
September 15, 2012

National Security is as important to your family as the ECONOMY.

Hard-working women have probably spent minutes, not hours, trying to understand the burst of violence towards Americans in the Middle East. Are they isolated events or choreographed attacks?  Either way, they remind us that real danger to our families is only one calculated terrorist away.  That’s why we should look up from our daily tasks, and read the simple, straight-forward explanation of why violence towards Americans is spilling into foreign streets, and understand.  It’s a must.

“Soft answers” as career foreign service officer Bart Marcois writes, are as much to blame as the massive cultural and political differences which make Islamic extremists hate America.  Barack Obama’s lack of energy, courage, or LEADERSHIP in his presidential responses is EMPOWERING terrorist cells and mobs.  Because of his lack of decisive action in response to attacks in both word and deed, our President is neither feared nor respected by our enemies.  As Daily Caller contributor Bart Marcois writes, this is why Barack Obama’s presence in the Oval Office increasesthe chance of violence against America:

Taking pride in an attack on America.

“When a lawless mob of Islamist extremists used reports about a film that is insulting to Islam as an excuse to overrun the American Embassy in Cairo, our government issued a statement condemning … the film. While the protesters were sitting brazenly on the Embassy walls, openly mocking Obama (chanting, “Take a picture, Obama; we are all Osama”), did the American government condemn the lack of host government protection or the violation of our sovereign territory? No — they apologized that the film “hurt the religious feelings of Muslims”

Attacking the American flag…a favorite past time.

Former foreign officer Bart Marcois REALLY sets the table with reality in these paragraphs, and we encourage every Kitchen Cabinet woman to read more of the article linked here:

“Foreign leaders study our political news and understand our electoral cycles. They know that a Romney administration, like the Reagan administration after Jimmy Carter, will bring a more robust defense of American interests. They are jockeying for leadership and power before the new sheriff comes to town.

Soft answers to provocations have produced a climate in which America is

Obama confused by his own role as leader of the Free World.

neither feared nor respected, nor even loved. Protesters feel safe scaling Embassy walls, and host governments allow it with impunity. If soft answers to the provocation in Cairo led to four innocent deaths in Libya, what will come of the soft answer to those deaths? Who will protect the rest of our diplomats — or our citizens, or our interests — when our president is more worried about soothing hurt feelings and bantering with a DJ than about American security and lives?

We need a leader who values our history, our freedoms, our leadership of the world; who will defend our interests without embarrassment or apology. Barack Obama has shown — again — he is not that leader.”

Bart Marcois

Bart Marcois, a former career foreign service officer and former principal deputy assistant secretary of energy, is a consultant based in Washington, D.C.  He is a great friend of The Kitchen Cabinet.



6 Responses to “What Women Need To Know About The Violence Against Americans
September 15, 2012

  1. First of all, no pun intended, I took offense to the point in the very first sentence, that women have probably only spent minutes not hours to try to understand the burst of violence of America toward the Middle East.  Why would anyone say that? I, as a woman who works VERY hard have spent hours trying to understand this situation, as well as cried and prayed a lot about it, too!  That is as far as I got in the article.  I was put off by that reference.  I think an apology is in order.

  2. http://news.yahoo.com/us-scrambles-rush-spies-drones-libya-072116664.html

    Above is a news update on what the President is doing about the situation in Libya. Let not be to hasty about going in to Libya and taking over the country with bombs and guns and a colonialism mentality. Those who gave their live (the Ambassadors) to represent the US in Libya were there on their own volition and knew what the cost were. As the articular says, the Libyan government was not even ready to control the outbreak  Lets be glad that an arrest of the film maker has happened, and that troops are now in position. A-Bombs are not the answer. The Libyan are not dogs, they have their rights!!!

  3. The article presents some good points but it seems to deem women as incompetent or lacking in understanding of the world around them. 

  4. The biggest problem the United States has now, is obama. Because he does NOT care about the United States, nor her Citizens, and is NOT willing to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

  5. Why are some of us so quick to take offense? I understood perfectly what the gentleman meant by” Hard-working women taking minutes not hours trying to understand the burst of violence/.” This is written just for women and he was trying to convey that he understands the responsibilities we have as mothers and wives  and most likely holding down a full time job outside the home as well. Doing those jobs does not leave much time to sit down in front of the TV to even see what is going on in other countries. Most women are lucky to have enough time to get a good nights sleep let alone time to ponder about world events. And someone thinks they need an apology? I think not, quit wearing your feelings on your sleeve. Read the article because it is a very good one.Then take the time to go vote in November on your way either to or from that full time job outside the home.

  6. This is disrespectful to no-one! As a HARDWORKING single Mom, I appreciate all the feedback I can get from perceptivem, clear, objective sources who are able to provide concise information on current situations, with links to follow up and branch out from after hours. 
    There is so much misleading garbage out there to sort through, so many opinions, interpretations and agendas to filterm that I must have sources I can trust. I am an INTERESTED VOTER ! I COMMUNICATE with co-workers, neighbors, family and friends on a daily basis! My facts must be ACCURATE, on topic, CURRENT and researchable. NO HEARSAY! There is enough gossip, speculation and rumor out there already.  This author is providing a needed service, with none of the perceived condecsention Rachel and Rhonda claimed. If you have time to do your own research,m GREAT, but don’t belittle the very ones the rest of us depend on to answer the questions burning thru the obvious idiocy of the mainstream media! Get some thicker skin! 🙂 This needs a proof button, cause I am a poor typist, and can’t open the page enough to see what I have typed…so please forgive any errors! Thx!