The War On Women: Just A FLUKE?
August 16, 2012

By Kitchen Cabinet Contributor Melanie Sturm

(Melanie has recently joined us in The Kitchen Cabinet, is a mother in Colorado and writes as a committed Conservative for the Liberal Aspen Times!)

Aspen mother of one son, and a terrific writer, Melanie Sturm

Comedian Steve Martin once quipped, “I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy.” Sadly, combatants in the “war on women” seem to agree with Martin, except they want others to pay for their sex — at least the contraception.

Last week, Georgetown law student and contraception activist Sandra Fluke led the battle cry at a presidential campaign rally in Denver. She argued that without

Freedom-fighters for contraception? Women want spending control not birth control Mr. President.

the controversial government mandate requiring employers to provide free contraceptive services, women would lose control over their health care choices. In post-rally interviews videotaped by Caleb Bonham, of, Fluke’s warriors insisted that government stay out of their bedrooms. When asked why government should pay for what goes on in their bedrooms, the flummoxed women had to Think Again.

Contraceptives are affordable to any woman at Target, so why does the President feel the urgency to make them FREE?

On the warpath to secure women’s health care rights, Fluke should recall what most women already know. Contraceptive services are as cheap ($9 per month at Target) and ubiquitous as routine oil changes are for cars. Nevertheless, Medicaid and most insurance companies already cover contraception, and for the uninsured, Planned Parenthood and the government spend $700 million annually.

If women warriors are battling to control their own health care decisions, why aren’t they concerned that unelected and unaccountable governmental bureaucrats — not their doctors — are empowered by the Affordable Care Act to determine which health services are (or aren’t) medically necessary, cost-effective and insurable? The Affordable Care Act gives the health and

Putting Your Health In The Government's Hands

human services secretary (currently Katherine Sebilius) sole discretion to determine standards for both government and private health-insurance coverage.

As a women’s health advocate, Fluke likes Sebilius’ acceptance of the government’s U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendation to provide free contraceptive services. But why isn’t she rallying to block acceptance of changes the task force made recently to mammogram guidelines — from annually after 40 (as endorsed by the American Cancer Society) to biennially after 50? Will Fluke’s compassion compel her to protest task-force guidelines that no longer recommend PSA prostate cancer screening for healthy men?

Why are women on the Left tolerating the Obama administration’s double standard?  Women deserve free contraceptives, but not life-saving Mammograms?  Melanie Sturm is getting Colorado readers to “Think Again” and every woman in The Kitchen Cabinet should also become a truth teller to women in their circles of influence.  The “War on Women” is clearly being waged by Democrats. Women are wise to this political re-election maneuver.  We are OVER Obama and his teleprompter promises.

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6 Responses to “The War On Women: Just A FLUKE?
August 16, 2012

  1. personally, I have been “over” obama since before he was even elected. i pray he doesn’t get re elected

  2. Is it just me or is all this hype about “free contraception” forgetting that unprotected sex can be fatal – to women?
    Fluke wants free birth control pills, but doesn’t seem a bit concerned about HIV/AIDS or HPV, which is the gateway to cervical cancer.

  3. Before “reporting” false information regarding “Obamacare” and mammograms, please check Factcheck and/or Snopes for the facts. Why in Heaven’s name do all Conservatives think facts can only be found on Fox and its so-called pundits? We may be in trouble with President Obama, but we’ll be non-existent with a President Romney.

  4. @Gary Friedman: With all due respect, sir – It has recently been well reported and publicized (and came as news to me) that is heavily supported by George Soros, the marionette string-master of the Left. I always find it so amusing when folks laugh about the lack of truth found on Fox News. I watch it frequently, and see countless points of view from the left side of the aisle presented on all the shows that I watch. I don’t really see the same balance of viewpoints on the other channels. 

    I believe that we are more than just “in trouble” with another Obama term. We did not merely elect a radical extremist (which I avoid regardless of party), with extreme socialist tendencies, policies and ideologies; we elected one with a complete lack of pertinent, applicable experience. Would you, sir, hire a poet to eliminate your termite problem? Would you hire an auto mechanic to cater your wedding reception of 450 guests? If you would, then I am wasting my breath – which I am probably doing anyway…

  5. @CLear Edge:  You seem to have problems with any site that prints the truth.  This column reeks with lies.  And so does Fox News.  Do some real research.  Here is one to start with:

  6. @Marti – I’m not sure you even read what I had to say. I wonder if you didn’t just copy and paste the same thing you have posted on all the right-leaning blogs and websites you can find. That’s OK. I read your article, and learned absolutely nothing new from what I already knew about this. Free, Free, Free. I get it. If Obama wins another term, kiss your FREEDOM goodbye, Marti. I have been forced to leave the country of my birth as a result of a charismatic leader who wanted to take over ALL the businesses – on behalf of “the people.” My family actually DID build a business that ended up being stolen by the government – as did all the other businesses. I recognize how it begins – and how it continues. Be careful what you wish for, Marti – very, very careful. Before you know it, you’ll REALLY be enjoying all the free stuff, while you are bound in the chains and shackles that Joe Biden so eloquently spoke of recently. 

    At least I try to be reasonable and respectful when I post something on a site, especially if I am trying to debate a point with someone whose opinion varies from my own. Your kind and respectful remarks regarding the news I watch and read really hit home. Wow! My feelings are really hurt. Just another comment from a brain trust who has absolutely no idea what I read or watch, where I come from and what my life experience might be, that led me to have formulated my opinions. The USA is the most extraordinary country on this planet. We can’t have an incompetent oligarch, together with his hopes and dreams of fundamentally transforming this nation, destroying what so many have sacrificed their lives to build.