The Morning Mix
October 3, 2011

Here’s The Morning Mix:

How much longer will we be mailing letters?  The Tea Party has sent a reported 100,000 letters to Congress urging support for a post office reform act that will reduce labor and infrastructure costs and give the Post Office a chance to hang on despite its huge budget deficit.   How many letters have you mailed lately?  THAT’s the problem.

Thousands of protestors continued their march against Wall Street this weekend.  Even actress and activist SUSAN SARANDON  joined them!    Pictures on the website, but their complaint? Corporate Greed.  The purpose of their protest?  Not conclusive.  They don’t like Obama bailing out investment companies and banks.  This might be a place where Tea Partiers and young activists can meet and agree!

More to like about Congressman Paul Ryan, who is stepping out and opposing President Obama’s class warfare:  “The class warfare rhetoric is what I think is really dangerous, it speaks to bad emotions within people,” Ryan said in an interview. “It speaks to dark emotions — anger, envy, fear — those are powerful emotions, and I suppose they can be manipulated to good political ends, but it’s reckless, in my opinion, and it divides people.”

Michele Bachmann could be losing yet another campaign staffer.  Ed Goeas, who was part of the original Ed Rollins says he’s leaving.  Bachmann keeps pushing forward even though polls show her as low as 4% among likely voters.


Another distraction for the Rick Perry campaign.  The word “Niggerhead” was painted on a rock at a ranch where his family hunted for many years, and eventually purchased.  Some feel Governor Perry should have painted over it sooner than he did.  His record on racial issues as Governor have been “excellent” according to his staff.

Mitt Romney now leads in early Iowa polls, which is a surprise.  In a survey of likely Iowa caucus goers Romney leads with 21% of those contacted, Michele Bachmann a native Iowan has 15%, Perry 14% and Ron Paul 12%.  15% are still undecided.

How will the coming federal budget cuts affect you? Cutbacks proposed by Republicans would include making college  PELL grants  tougher to get,  Special Education funding would be reduced,  Head Start programs would receive HALF of what they’re asking for for 2012.    The biggest dent would be made in the AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT…or Obamacare…halting 6 billion or more in scheduled federal expenditures.

Finally, in the LESSONS LEARNED Dept., Fergie says this week in Time Magazine, “I think one of the great lessons I have to learn is to live without regret…”  The former princess has lost her title, her royal budget, her marriage, and is trying to renew herself on Oprah’s new network, OWN.



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