September 9, 2012

Let’s be TRUTH-TELLERS on the Economy:
 1. The REAL War on Women is the Obama-Economy.  One in every 650 homes across the nation is in some phase of FORECLOSURE.  Nearly 6 Million WOMEN unemployed.  Poverty rate for women never higher in history:  14.5%.

2-Washington Post/ABC News Poll reveals that women have lost faith in Barack Obama. In April, Obama had a favorable/unfavorable rating of 57% to 39% with women.  This month 46% unfavorable and 50% favorable with women.  A deathblow for the campaign.

3-Latest Unemployment Report: 844,000 given up looking for work in August.  12.3 million UNEMPLOYED. The most since The Great Depression.

4-Women are being forced to choose between gas and groceries.


5-Democrats are uncertain whether God has a place in their national platform.  America’s women don’t recognize the Democratic Party any longer!  Supporting Israel and respecting God, Freedom of Religion are American principles which are being erased by the Obama Administration.

6-Women aren’t interested in fighting ancient battles which DIVIDE women.  Women with paychecks want someone at the helm who has the skills to rescue our economy.   Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have RESUMES which qualify them to lead the country out of these disastrous economic times.

7-Every family in America is fighting to stay on a budget.  President Obama, where is YOUR budget?  It’s been THREE LONG YEARS.

8-Mitt Romney promises NO TAX HIKES for the MIDDLE CLASS and no taxes on capital gains, dividends or savings.  Wealthy Americans will see tax loopholes close for them under a Romney administration, but no tax increases.



One Response to “TALKING POINTS FOR LEADERS OF WOMEN Week of September 9, 2012
September 9, 2012

  1. Just ran across this on Facebook.  Very interesting.  I have been trying to figure out why women support Obama so strongly.  I know he panders to the pro-abortion and free contraceptive crowd, but that doesn’t pay anyone’s bills.  My wife and I work very hard just to pay the bills.  I have conservative views on social issues but not extreme. The natl debt is a great concern.  If people started thinking, wow, my part is over $100,000.  If I can’t pay it off my kids will be stuck with it.  We need to get the budget under control and get the economy moving fast enough to create jobs for all those who will work.   Also, we are getting close to a tipping point, where the takers are almost as numerous as the workers.  How long can this work?  It seems that the direction we are going is to see how many months of unemployment you can get and how much foods stamps you can get.  And if you are poor there are no worries about paying medical bills.   I think workers really resent this subset of the population (the ones who could work but don’t).   We need to have govt programs that encourage people to work and not for the govt to advertise how to get on food stamps and other programs.  Romney and Ryan are our best hope for getting things turned around.  When Obama said he wanted to fundamentally change America, how many moderates thought this was the plan?