Steve Forbes Endorses Rick Perry’s Tax Plan
October 25, 2011

Former Presidential Candidate Steve Forbes Now A Campaign Strategist For Perry

Does it surprise anyone that Steve Forbes and Rick Perry are teammates?  Seems like an interesting pair.  Forbes is a campaign adviser to Perry, and having the multi-billionaire on your bench has got to be a bit complicated.  Perhaps this is why Perry has, several times, said his plan is “coming,” because crafting ideas between a former candidate for the presidency and a CURRENT candidate for the presidency, must be interesting.

Even so, the plan is almost like a Christmas morning of tax presents.  No Social Security Taxes, No Capital Gains Taxes,  You Get To Choose

Perry's Tax Plan...Just Like Christmas Morning?

Whether You WANT A Flat Tax Or Not, Mortgage Deduction and Charitable Deductions Intact,   It’s all a little too good to be true!

Here’s Forbes helping to sell the plan:



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