Solyndra: Obama’s ENRON
September 14, 2011

President Obama tours Solyndra Plant Backed By Big Campaign Donor

Watch this and become an expert.   This spending scandal will no doubt define the 2012 presidential election.

An FBI investigation has revealed that Valerie Jarrett, and other Senior White House

President Obama's Closest Adviser, Valerie Jarrett

aides, pushed through $500 million in energy loans for Solyndra solar power founder, George Kaiser.  Kaiser is a giant and continuing OBAMA DONOR.  The firm went bankrupt in August, with the FBI following close behind with a full-scale raid and investigation.  Congress is now digging into the Solyndra matter and studying e-mails between the White House and George Kaiser.  Kaiser paid several visits to the White House while the Office of Budget and Management was deliberating over the loan package.   Congressional investigators say that hundreds of millions of dollars in federal energy loans were

George Kaiser, Solyantra Backer & Billionaire Donor To Obama

approved, sidestepping normal channels, and bestowed upon Kaiser’s green energy project.  Today, the congressional panel investigating Solyndra revealed that the company’s bankruptcy terms allow private investors to be repaid first, and taxpayers…..later, if ever.

Political observers are calling this debacle:  Obama’s Enron.  Here’s a wrap up from Bloomberg News: (On YouTube, sorry, embedding is disabled.)



4 Responses to “Solyndra: Obama’s ENRON
September 14, 2011

  1. How does a company who recieves 500,000,000.00 go bankrupt?   All monies need to be tracked down, accounted for and verified as to whether it was legit or not.   This sounds more like a scam than a business deal and I, as an American would like to know if that company was legit and operational.   If Obama was involved in a shady deal, then he should be held accountable, as president or not.   Everyone is sick and tired of the political games alway in the news and would like to get the truth, straight and without bias.   

  2. Could not agree more Rose. Thanks for your complaint!

  3.      A forensic audit should be able to define where the actual monies went.  500 million is a lot to prop up a company to have it turn around and be bankrupt.  This smells bad, looks bad and is bad.  I’d personally like to know where ‘my’ money is.  Is it too much to ask that an accounting be made to me as a contributor to these funds?  I don’t care who is a friend of whom…..I don’t care who President Obama’s biggest donors are…….I care that as a group of citizens, we are honest and forthright.  We seem unable to do that.

  4. Your thoughts are well taken. Not only did this solar company have $500 million in government loans, but billions in private money as well. WHERE did it go? Apparently the FBI has the same questions.
    Thanks for your contribution Alice.