Romney’s October Surprise: HE WINS
September 27, 2012

President and First Lady Mitt and Ann Romney?

Dick Morris isn’t our favorite. But occasionally his videos, posts and commentary are just undeniably dead ON!  Today, Morris reveals why Mitt Romney is IGNORING all the advice coming his way!  Romney is winning!  Already!  All the polls from NBC, New York Times, and elsewhere….are bogus.  Here are some numbers that will help you SLEEP better!  From Dick

So here’s where the race really stands today based on

Sometimes Dick Morris hits the bullseye. This is one of those times.

Rasmussen’s polling:

• Romney leads decisively in all states McCain carried (173 electoral votes).

• Romney is more than ten points ahead in Indiana – which Obama carried. (11 electoral votes)

• Romney leads Obama in the following states the president carried in 2008: Iowa (44-47) North Carolina (45-51), Colorado (45-47), and New Hampshire (45-48). He’ll probably win them all. (34 electoral votes).

This comes to 218 of the 270 Romney needs. But…

The Next National Duo.

• Obama is below 50% of the vote in a handful of key swing states and leads Romney by razor thin margins in each one. All these states will go for Romney unless and until Obama can show polling support of 50% of the vote:

• Obama leads in Ohio (47-46) and Virginia (49-48) by only 1 point (31 electoral votes)

• Obama leads in Florida (48-46) and Nevada (47-45) by only 2 points (35 electoral votes)

If Romney carries Ohio, Virginia, and Florida, he wins. And other states are in play.

• Obama leads in Wisconsin (49-46) by only 3 points (10 electoral votes)

Not The Enthusiasm or the Crowds of 2008.

• Obama’s lead in Michigan is down to four points according to a recent statewide poll

• Obama is only getting 51% of the vote in Pennsylvania and 53% in New Jersey. And don’t count out New Mexico.

It would be accurate to describe the race now as tied. But Romney has the edge because:

• The incumbent is under 50% in key states and nationally. He will probably lose any state where he is below 50% of the vote.

• The Republican enthusiasm and likelihood of voting is higher


• The GOP field organization is better.

That’s the real state of play today.



10 Responses to “Romney’s October Surprise: HE WINS
September 27, 2012

  1. Hush!  Don’t lull the volunteers before the last vote is cast.

  2. The obama campaign is doing such a great job commanding the national media, and commanding false polling this week…we thought our readers deserved to just get a peek….at the possible!

  3. Excellent!

    With the News Media as corrupted as they are… it’s hard to know whom to trust.
    I will Never trust anything that comes out of Obama’s Mouth or the Obama camp. 

    Romney/Ryan the New President and Vice President of the United States of America!!              

  4. We need to work hard like we are down 5 but with the enthusiasm of being up 5. 

  5. It is hopeful that this is true, we need The United States to get re-united with a government that cares deeply about this country and it’s people!!!
    Lets just get this done!!!
    I am looking forward to regaining some freedom here!!!

  6. I think the mainstream media is falsely reporting where this race actually stands so that they will have an easier time establishing the legitimacy of an Obama win after they steal the election.

  7. I happen to like Dick…well most of the time, but I wonder the only reason you like him now is because he’s saying something you like? 
    I am not saying he’s right, I’m not saying he’s wrong.  I can tell you what I believe but that’s not the point..the point is…I wonder …  I love hearing good news…we ALL need good news and especially right now…but please, be true to yourself…if you don’t like Morris…fine, but don’t use this just because you need to feel good…(or at least don’t let us know)….and that can be your secret that you are doing the job the sticks on FOX won’t do and give us something to believe in…
    just my opinion….keep on giving us reality…the truth….and being in the trenches

  8. God! It is my Prayer that this is correct! I can’t even say “God Bless America ” Any more! all I can say is ” GOD Save America, PLEASE!

  9. Thanks Rick. We appreciate you.

  10. you go Della! We appreciate you so much. Please….bring 10 friends today to come to The Kitchen Cabinet. Tell them to get their ballots on our home page. I’m doing everything I can. Let’s do it together. It’s our own Boston Tea Party.