Romney Is Poised To Slam Obama
September 18, 2012


Just ignore the pesky, clandestine Iphone video of Mitt Romney talking to deep Conservative Floridians.  It’s a desperate effort to distract from polling numbers which show President Obama sinking into QUICK SAND.

Today’s BUSINESS INSIDER has the real story…and the message?  Mitt Romney might have been blunt, but he did it at $50,000 a plate and now he is about to bury Barack Obama.  When it comes to running something with dollars sign in it…don’t mess with Mitt Romney:

This is what people are still not grasping about Romney: He’s about to open up the money floodgates in a way that Obama can’t match.

Romney was wildly successful during the primaries — not as a result of his charm and personality — but because he had a massive pile of money.

He still has a massive pile of money in his campaign coffers, and by all margins he’s continuing to raise large amounts of money, as we’ve found through a look into the Center for Responsive Politics’ database.

While Obama has raised similar amounts of money as Romney, he’s also spent a whole lot of it already. Obama has enjoyed weeks of good coverage, but he’s been paying a lot for it. 

The Obama campaign has spent $240 million this cycle and has only managed to maintain their lead. Even more, the Obama camp didn’t have to go through a primary. Romney has spent much, much less —  $163 million — and most of that was in the primaries anyway.

Romney is in a financial holding pattern, one that ends very soon. 

But the most important number in all of this is cash on hand. How much is each campaign — and more importantly, their most significant direct outside supporters — holding for October?

Given the way that contribution limits work, the financial status of friendly outside spending groups is a much more crucial gauge of financial support.

While each candidate can only accept $2,500 per donor per election, the Party Committees can accept $30,800. Even more, the Super PACs can raise and spend unlimited amounts, which is a much better picture of how the air war is about to proceed.

Here’s the breakdown. The numbers are rounded to the nearest $100,000:

Obama ROmney Financial Breakdown

Walter Hickey/BI, data from Center for Responsive Politics


Read on…because it is FANTASTIC…and will give you real encouragement for the next six weeks!  The question of the hour is, WHY would Americans want a Party which can’t manage its OWN money….spending OURS!






2 Responses to “Romney Is Poised To Slam Obama
September 18, 2012

  1. I don’t understand wholly which way you are swinging your bat!  Obama is the cretin flying on Air Foce 1 and 2 and 3 or whatever and charging us for his campaign.  He ordered those buses that cost $#1.1 mil each and has them flown to where he is campaigning!  This guy and his wife are leaches and they will suck the blood out of a turnip!

  2. It’s nice to know someone has him ahead.  Yet even so, I’m concerned with the money coming in from George Sorros to the O campaign.  Also, O has the liberal media constantly pounding away at both Romney’s gafs, religion, and saying he’s not fit to be president and that O is ahead in every poll.  I do hope you are right about the REPUBLICAN BASE coming out in droves!  We need Romney and Ryan to start to get America back on the right track once again.