Occupy Wall Street OAKLAND Price Tag? $2 Million AT LEAST
November 5, 2011

Peaceful, Public Protest

Cost of Tea Party Protests by thoughtful, peaceful, taxpaying Middle-Class families over a two year period?   NADA.  Nothing.  Not a penny.  No damage to public property.  No inconvenience to other Americans. No anti-American themes.  No small businesses impaired. 

Cost of Occupy Wall Street in just ONE major U.S. city, like Oakland for instance?  $2 million dollars in police protection, police overtime, and still no count on clean-up, police control, fire assistance, sanitation, vandalism and of course, jail and court costs.

Oakland Streets Overrun With Fake Strike for Occupy Wall Street

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan must have the spine of a jelly fish to let protesters waste sparse city resources when she has already laid off 80 policemen this year as a BUDGET-SAVING measure.  Read what THE HUFFINGTON POST…YES!  THE HUFFINGTON POST reveals the inconsiderate and violent protests have really cost the City of Oakland:

Downtown retailers and business leaders say customers and businesses have been scared off. One high-profile real estate developer said he stood in the lobby of his historic office building next to the encampment early Thursday morning and sent vandals at the door scattering when he racked his loaded shotgun.

“We’re losing 300 to 400 jobs on people who decided to not renew their leases or not to come here,” said Mayor Jean Quan, who also complained about what she said was the protesters’ lack of willingness to talk with city officials about seeking common ground.

Mayor Jean Quan Should Protect All Oakland Residents...Not Just Those In Birkenstocks

The president of the Chamber of Commerce blames Quan for three deals falling through.

Two businesses planning to lease a total of 50,000 square feet of office space and another planning to bring 100 jobs into the city pulled out after Quan allowed protesters to return to their camp after a police raid had cleared them out, Joseph Haraburda said.

“We have economic development in reverse right now,” he said.

Quan has paid a high political price over her handling of the Occupy encampment.

From an early morning police raid to clear the camp to a tear gas-filled clash with protesters that night to an about-face that has allowed the camp to grow bigger than ever, Quan has faced a barrage of criticism from all sides claiming she has failed to show leadership in the crisis.

The City Council did not vote Thursday on an expected resolution to pledge the city’s support to the Occupy movement as several council members expressed doubts, leaving the city’s position unclear.

What is clear is that the cash-strapped city’s response to the protests is incurring major costs, especially in the form of police overtime.

The Oakland Police Officer’s Association, which represents the rank-and-file, estimates that the city will have spent about $2

Businesses Attacked Because.......????????

million in the past two weeks on the police response to the protests, which at one point included help from more than a dozen outside police forces.

“Occupy Wall Street comes in, takes over the park, starts to bleed the resources of this city – resources that this city does not have,” said Sgt. Dom Arotzarena, the union’s president, who added that officers support the message of the movement but not its tactics.

The high-crime city laid off 80 officers last year in its effort to close a recession-driven budget gap.

The public is tiring of this MOVE-ON.Org, DNC-led, union supported, day-care program for college students and lost souls.  We can’t afford to be careless with a single penny of hard-earned tax dollars right now.



2 Responses to “Occupy Wall Street OAKLAND Price Tag? $2 Million AT LEAST
November 5, 2011

  1. Remember, the Mayor is up for re-election and like Obama is cajoling these idiot losers for votes. The young vote got Obama elected in 2008 and that is exactly what is happening again.

    Votes are all that matters to all elected politicians!!! NOTHING ELSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!1 

  2. Marie! I’m afraid you’re right! Have you ever noticed how the Congressmen and Senators who have served the most….dress the finest? They learn….and they get.