November 3, 2011

This Way To Primary Caucus

Occupy Wall Street branches are now setting their sights on IOWA.  The plan is to overwhelm the headquarters of GOP presidential candidates with protesters, and shut down their efforts in the heartland of Iowa.  Occupy Wall Street “organizers”, using the term loosely, say Iowa hasn’t the right to take such a prominent role in  the Primary process.

Well!  At least we know they’ve had a little political science before they dropped out of college!!!!!!   Here’s their plan as reported by CNN:

Obstructing Life

“You go inside or if they won’t let you in, you shut ‘em down. You sit in front of their doors,” Frank Cordaro of Des Moines, the man credited for the idea of the “First in the Nation Caucus Occupation,” told the Register. “Who knows? It could be a very big deal.”

The plan, Cordaro told CNN, is, “people coming to Iowa, occupying every presidential [candidate’s] office, shutting them down until they start talking real turkey about what’s going on in this country, where the 99 percent of the people who are not benefiting, at the expense of the 1 percent who are getting away with murder.”

Cordaro’s idea was voted on and approved by the Occupy Iowa’s general assembly Monday night, according to the Register.

The vision, then, is not merely for Iowan Occupiers to occupy campaign headquarters, but also to make Iowa a pilgrimage destination for Occupiers of other cities. The call for reinforcements in Iowa might come at just the right time, as cold tests the mettle of East Coast Occupiers and a legal battle threatens Occupy Londoners. It also provides a handy alternate headline to the recent troubling accounts of the sexual harassment and even rape that goes unreported at Occupy sites. Given the probable appetite for something “new” among Occupiers, then, Cordaro very well might be right about one thing: The “First in the Nation Caucus Occupation” could ultimately be a very big deal.

Why don’t they all just go home….before someone gets SERIOUSLY hurt.  OR is that the real agenda?



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