Nancy Pelosi: Key Aide Jumps Healthcare Ship
November 7, 2011

Nancy Pelosi with former staffer turned lobbyist, Brendon Daly

Jack Abramoff couldn’t have been more right!  Before the ink was even dry on our piece about convicted Washington influence-peddler Jack Abramoff holding elected officials hostage by OFFERING their staffers big jobs, Nancy Pelosi’s former Communication’s Director is discovered making six figures OPPOSING her health care legislation in his 2nd life!!!!!!!!

But of course he says he’s not taking sides against the former Speaker’s landmark legislation.  Brendon Daly, her former right hand in messaging on Obamacare says he’s just working for a group now, Essential Health Benefits Coalition, which wants to make Obamacare AFFORDABLE.  THAT’s DIFFERENT.    The “work” doesn’t matter, it’s just positioning.  Pelosi knows that, and she also knows that Brendon is dead to her now!

Pelosi has her own hands full.  60 Minutes has caught her and her husband’s investment portfolio benefiting from legislation overseeing credit card companies like VISA.

The only thing that matters is that former Congressional staffer Brendon Daly is now an Executive Vice President with Ogilvey Washington, taking the money-making course wide open to all who have access after serving in government.

As puts it   ” Even by the revolving-door standards of Washington, this one has heads spinning.”



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