Mixed Messages For Herman Cain
November 6, 2011

Campaigning Harder Than Ever

After the toughest week of his politico life, presidential candidate Herman Cain is getting mixed messages.  Some observers are saying ” Cain has emerged unscathed”  and has held up well under a barrage of media stories and public questions about alleged sexual harassment charges.  But other key voices speaking out on  Sunday morning talk shows,  demanded that Cain come out with “all of it” now.  No more surprises.

The influential  Governor of Mississippi, head of the Republican Governer’s Association, Haley Barbour was direct on CBS’ Face The Nation

“Before Cain can move on, he must come out with more answers, said Haley Barbour, Republican governor of Mississippi.

“What he wants to do is get back on message,” Barbour said on “Meet the Press,” “and the way to do that is to get all the facts on the table and get it behind him.”

Haley Barbour, head of National Governor's Association

Continuing, Barbour said: “I’m not one of the people who think this is necessarily fatal. It might not hurt him at all. But people need to know what the facts are. And that’s the challenge for him right now – to get those out as quickly as possible and get it behind him.”

Cain had been surging in the polls when the story broke, emerging as the latest challenger to Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney. A new poll suggests the uproar has broken his momentum.

A Reuters/Ipsos survey showed that Cain’s favorability rating among Republicans has fallen nine points – from 66% to 57%.”



2 Responses to “Mixed Messages For Herman Cain
November 6, 2011

  1. With every attack I become a bigger Herman Cain fan!

  2. He needs your loyalty Darrell!  How many allegations would be too many allegations for you in this case?  It’s tough for a voter to know!