Marco Rubio Under Attack By Libs
October 20, 2011

Under Fire For Being.....Too Effective As A Senator

Marco Rubio IS the real thing.  Because his talents are so obvious and his integrity so strong, liberals are looking for any heat-seeking missile to dethrone the popular, young, Florida senator.

The Kitchen Cabinet knows Marco Rubio well.  I was on an elevator once with him, following an interview The Kitchen Cabinet had just conducted with him.  Rubio already had an IPAD and was opening it on our descent to check some messages.  I couldn’t help notice that there was a photo of his father as his screensaver.

Kitchen Cabinet's Sonja Eddings Brown

Clearly a constant inspiration to him.

This impressed me, because on my Iphone as my screensaver, was a photo of my 75-year old mother.  A constant reminder to me of what matters most.

Rubio told the story of his family as immigrants from Cuba.  Now the Left is trying to say he embellished it.

Here’s a campaign spot from his Senate campaign.  Whatever the dates, whatever the travelogue, what we know about Marco Rubio is that he is one of the great up and coming patriots in America.

And we will form a line behind him if necessary to protect him from such attacks.



5 Responses to “Marco Rubio Under Attack By Libs
October 20, 2011

  1. They can attack him all they want, he is the real deal and will save America from the people who think they should inherit the Earth w/out any work! He is a great man and I promise you he will always speak the truth as he knows it! Trust him with your children and your life!

  2. We should not stand BEHIND Marco Rubio. We should stand IN FRONT of him.

  3. Well said!

  4. Couldn’t Agree MORE!

  5. Thanks Annie!