It’s About Jobs: Why Governor Haley Picked Romney
December 19, 2011

Governor Haley Endorses Mitt Romney

Governor Nikki Haley Endorses Mitt Romney

We live in an era when politicians have perfected the art of doing what is good for THEM.  Gratefully, the Tea Party and other conservatives have begun rising up and electing candidates who understand that their mission is to serve the best interests of the PEOPLE.  South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is one such example of an elected official, with the heart of a servant.

The Kitchen Cabinet has supported Governor Haley from the start because of her authenticity.  Looking at the big picture of 2012, we understand that her endorsement of Mitt Romney was made with an eye on the best interests of the people of South Carolina.  Haley can’t take care of the voters in her state, unless she can build jobs and protect South Carolina from the crushing policies of the Obama administration.  She sees the writing on the wall.

Mitt Romney is the only candidate in the GOP field who has had enough organization, support, and vision to place his name on the ballot in all 50 states.  While the national debates have given many candidates the opportunity to be heard, not ONE of the current field except Governor Romney, has been able to maintain or fund their organizations beyond one state or two.  Even so, all five of the outstanding people in the GOP presidential field will be generals on the field of this fight against the Democrats in 2012, and also in a new Republican administration.

With less than three weeks before Americans start to vote, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are the frontrunners.  Newt Gingrich is a scholar, and an expert in framing the problems which frustrate conservatives.  However, Newt Gingrich has some severe challenges that all but take him out of the race.  These are the pieces of the puzzle Governor Haley has the vision to see.

Newt GingrichGingrich’s campaign has been limited to the national debates because his staff quit last Fall and fundraising has been all but impossible.  National polling by credible Rasmussen, not media driven polls, reveals that the former Speaker’s support is quite soft, and is tumbling, even in Iowa.  (

Even more important, in order to beat Barack Obama in November, Republicans must attract the undecided and independent vote in the middle.  Newt Gingrich gets Republicans the votes we already have.  Republicans must reach out and attract single women and Wal-Mart moms who voted for Barack Obama in 2008.  Mitt Romney’s economic skills and broad background appeal more to independent women and other swing voters who feel betrayed by Obama’s promises and policies.

U.S. Supreme Court

The 2012 election will determine the makeup of the Supreme Court for decades.

Governor Haley is a fan of all the Republicans willing to serve our country.  She knows however, that the most important issue to the People of South Carolina is dethroning Barack Obama, protecting The Supreme Court from falling into the hands of liberal Democrats, and most of all, watching out for the paychecks of South Carolina families.  Mitt Romney may not be perfect, but Governor Haley gets it that Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership don’t want to face him.  She is endorsing Mitt Romney because he is the one Republican candidate with the skills and the army to stop Barack Obama’s fierce camp, and the runaway train that has become our economy.



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