The GOP: Will Karl Rove Ever Win A National Election Again….
November 7, 2013

20131107-072444.jpgConservatives, Independents, and the wounded Republican National Committee will never win another major election with telephones, door knocks and direct mailing. TV ads won’t do it. Stellar debate performances won’t be enough. Even an enchanting candidate may not be able to overcome the advantage that Obama’s ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA has crafted through sophisticated online data and outreach.

Just ask Karl Rove.  His American Crossroads consultancy spent half a billion dollars trying to win the old fashioned way, only to be blind-sided by the high-speed technology train of the Obama 2012 Re-election Campaign.

20131107-072529.jpgMitt Romney’s heart-breaking 2012 defeat signaled that American elections will never again be won with a great stump speech. Thanks to the routine theft of private online data on virtually every American, and sophisticated analytics developed by Facebook, Google, and Apple, digital strategists can now essentially ENGINEER our elections.

The secret recipe that will be employed again in 2016, unites vast, online communities of voters in the TENS of millions, with cunning digital strategists who send nurturing and targeted messages to low-information voters.  In 2016, political directors will also be able to send political TV ads customized for EVERY home and every demographic, based on gathering your viewing habits through DISH, COMCAST and TIME WARNER tv boxes.   There is almost no escape for consumers…and voters.

They can find you and reach you….anywhere.  On your phone, on your Facebook, on your TV, and even in your bedroom as your buy movies.


Even Google can influence who you might “want” to vote for by hand-picking which stories lead its popular GOOGLE NEWS, selecting which Youtubes and which commentaries or debate performances appear first in online searches.

Welcome to the new world of media control.

If you think The Kitchen Cabinet is a bit cynical, read on and relive some of the tactics which made the Obama campaign successful in 2012!  It’s chilling:

1-Obama’s team invested time, people and money in creating a Facebook following so big, it was the size of a COUNTRY. To date almost 40 million followers.

20131107-072630.jpg2-The Obama team nurtured, micro-targeted the interests and opinions of these followers, and sent custom messages to them almost every day, through their phones and computers.

3-They complimented this unprecedented effort, with a steady campaign of television ads.

20131107-072613.jpg4-Most importantly, the Obama team connected their massive online “country” with ground teams in key states, which used campaign headquarters to connect by ZIP CODE with all of their followers! Electronically then, not door-to-door, but PHONE BY PHONE and FACEBOOK ACCOUNT BY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT …Obama staffers were able to communicate with tens of thousands of potential voters at a time. Did they all respond and vote? NO. But with a capacity of communicating with literally hundreds of thousands of potential Obama voters in any state…the percentages were on their side.


This is why poll watchers saw so many unfamiliar faces show up to vote in crucial, must-win places like Loudon County, Virginia, Cleveland, Ohio, and Jefferson County, Colorado. Wherever Mitt Romney hinted at winning, the Obama digital platform just ratcheted up its 38 million strong database of voters and SIFTED through it, until they found potential voters and drove them out online.

20131107-072620.jpgConservatives, Independents, and aching Republicans of all kinds have one chance of defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016. Or stopping Organizing For America from stealing back the House of Representatives in 2014. Our tired, and a bit disillusioned quilt of organizations, women’s groups, faith-based networks, and state leaders must UNITE online and on the ground. We must leverage OUR numbers, and our massive networks and encourage OUR followers to connect on Facebook, Twitter, and guided websites.

We can build our own digital “country” just as the Obama campaign has done, but we must move like lightning.

Because WOMEN voters dominate online sites like Facebook with 46 million women online EVERY night, the GOP or an Independent candidate will need a whole new playbook.

One thing is for certain, politicians had better be speaking directly to America’s women in 2016.  Women, who are breadwinners and co-breadwinners in 2/3 of all homes in America and who dominate online traffic.

Take women voters seriously?  Or LOSE.



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November 7, 2013

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