November 6, 2012

Major networks and mass media agree to keep Exit Polling buttoned up until Polls close Eastern time. But what about Oregon voters?

This just in…All media representatives from the major news organizations and networks have agreed to work in a “quarantine” setting with no internet or telephones while Exit Polling is gathered and tabulated.  This, to prevent the spread of detrimental numbers or trends over the internet, while voters are still at the Polls.


Six hours later, staffers will be permitted to start sending data to their respective news organizations, while additional exit polls, especially on the West Coast, keep coming in.

The news orgs represented — ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox and the AP —

Do these things really work?

can report general trends but cannot report the results of exit polls until the polls close. Anne Cronin at Politico has made a handy map showing the times at which the individual states’ polls close.

Reuters reporter Lisa Richwine says the quarantine room lacks phone or Internet access. At 5 p.m., the quarantine will lift, and the representatives will be able to share their data with their respective organizations. Project for Excellence in Journalism director Tom Rosenstiel tells Richwine  that if the data leaks early, “with Internet penetration and the speed of social media, that (data) would be known pretty widely.”

The Mainstream Media seems to believe that the election will be close, and that West Coast numbers WILL be needed to call the election for President Obama or Governor Mitt Romney.

Seems a long, LONG, time ago.

“Four years ago, there was no mystery about who would become the 44th president when polls on the West Coast closed at 11 p.m., with all five TV networks and the AP calling the election for Barack Obama, who handily defeated Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in the Electoral College. But executives and editors overseeing 2012 election calls — like most of the news media — expect a much closer outcome on Tuesday, resulting in a very long night.

“We might not be able to make a call on election night,” said David Pace, the AP’s news editor for elections and special projects.”

They’re dreaming.  As soon as the outcome in Ohio is known,

Prepare for President-Elect and Mrs. Romney.

unfortunately voters on the West Coast will know that this election…is probably in the bag.”






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