EXCLUSIVE: The 2012 Election Was Won By Stealing Your Private Information
November 6, 2013

Google, third biggest donor to Barack Obama, and possibly even more helpful than we know.

This past August, Google and Facebook were both punished by the Federal Trade Commission and the FCC for stealing your most private information.This violation, by the third largest donor to the Barack Obama re-election campaign, might explain what triggered the surprise outcome of our 2012 elections.  Voter Data, the lifeblood of politics, was secretly acquired from a giant majority of Americans by Google online strategists, and not just for an edge in advertising and marketing.  Just as likely, to create a supreme advantage for the Obama campaign in one of the most crucial U.S. elections ever.

After a year-long investigation and official FTC hearings, Google was sanctioned  by the federal government for illegally taking your e-mail addresses.  Your home address.  Your phone number.  Your internet favorites. Your shopping preferences.  Even conversations from your own private e-mails. Google was punished for this SECOND violation of consumer privacy with the

Even if you said “NO”…Google got your info anyway.

biggest fine ever imposed by the FTC:  $22.9 million dollars.  You might remember reading about it or seeing a report on television, but only briefly.  Journalists have mostly missed the long-term impact of this massive internet data theft.

Google captured your shopping preferences and home contact information by slapping “cookies” on your travels via your IPHONE, your IPAD, and your APPLE computer. By penetrating Apple’s popular Safari browser, which Apple claimed was not vulnerable to such tracking, Google had access to literally a GLOBE of daily and continually updating DATA.  Apple users are probably the single biggest audience in the world. If Apple computers were targeted, isn’t it likely Google also invented technology to penetrate PC’s as well?  The wrist-slap of a $23 million fine, was well worth the infinitely valuable universe of data, which was stolen.

From the LOS ANGELES TIMES, February 18, 2012:

Every move you made, every e-mail, every purchase, was captured by Google.

Google Inc. is under fire once again after allegations that it circumvented privacy protections built into the iPhone in order to track what users are doing online.

A privacy researcher at Stanford University said Friday that the Internet search giant had made an end run around a privacy feature in Apple Inc.’s Safari browser, the default Web-surfing software for tens of millions of iPhone, iPad and Macintosh users. Graduate student Jonathan Mayer’s report could deal a serious blow to Google, which in October reached a settlement with federal regulators who had alleged that in

Apple’s popular SAFARI browser was Google’s….freeway of information. Probably others too.

the company’s 2010 attempt at social networking it used “deceptive tactics and violated its own privacy promises to consumers.” Google’s binding agreement with the Federal Trade Commission “bars the company from future privacy misrepresentations.”

Now a group of federal legislators is asking if Google may have violated those terms by allowing advertisers to track Apple users’ online behavior even when those users believed such tracking was disabled.

Have you seen Google in your neighborhood? They were watching YOU, not just the street.

Even more frightening, Google’s Streetwise operation, which you might know more as GOOGLE MAPS, was also investigated for scooping up sensitive information while its cars passed by your house photographing neighborhood streets.  This data and photo gathering effort had the capacity to capture ANYTHING that  flowed through your wireless system at home, as the company’s camera cars passed regularly through U.S. streets.   Germany and Australian officials have also been pursuing Google for the same predatory efforts.  In America, the FTC and FCC estimate this practice was ongoing for at least three years:

The FCC found Google had delayed its inquiry into data collected with custom-equipped cars that cruised streets and took in wireless streams from homes and businesses.

For three years starting in May 2007, the cars collected content from wireless networks that wasn’t needed for that project, according to the FCC’s April 13 findings. Google gathered e-mail and text messages, passwords, Internet-usage history and “other highly sensitive personal

Google was caught, but never required to admit guilt, by the Democrat-led FTC.

information,” the FCC said.

Google said yesterday it “grounded” its Street View cars upon learning of the unwanted data collection and has cooperated with investigations.

Google, owner of the largest Internet search engine, has come under mounting scrutiny from regulators over how it handles information…..

“Google downloaded the private communications of millions of users with Wi-Fi routers in theUnited States,” Rotenberg said. “That is not permissible under the federal wiretap act. It can’t be.”

Facebook was also caught and punished this past August for stealing consumer information.  The FTC demanded that Facebook stop scraping  personal

Any Facebook page…and any information on it…was at Facebook’s disposal.

information off purportedly “private” Facebook pages of American consumers and initiated new controls and oversight to last for the next 20 years.  The FTC didn’t approve of Facebook promising customers across the country that their personal information was SAFE, when it wasn’t.  Indeed, your personal data was not only copied and taken, it was SHARED for profit.  From THE NEW YORK TIMES:

In November, the F.T.C. said that Facebook had deceived consumers by telling them that their personal information would be kept private, while “repeatedly allowing it to be shared and made public.”

The commission voted 3-1, with one abstention, to impose a 20-year consent order requiring Facebook to protect its users’ privacy. The company agreed to give consumers clear and prominent notice and to

Facebook was caught and fined for taking your most private information, and sharing it after promising not to.

obtain their express consent before revealing information beyond their previously stated privacy settings, to maintain a comprehensive program to safeguard private information, and to obtain an independent privacy audit every two years.

Facebook said in a statement on Friday, “We are pleased that the settlement, which was announced last November, has received final approval.” The company did not repeat its assertion, made in November, that it “expressly denies the allegations set forth in the complaint,” but the F.T.C. still considers that statement to be part of the case record.

A Facebook spokesman declined to comment beyond the company’s one-sentence statement.

All of this priceless and illegally acquired “data” has given Facebook and Google a remarkable database and a huge advantage in online advertising.  It is possible the companies have also marketed your information to other companies.  It is quite likely that this quiet strategy was also undertaken to give an unprecedented advantage

Obama campaigning with Facebook guru Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook held events for President Obama.

to the Barack Obama campaign in 2012.

Having access to such remarkable and detailed data on the American electorate, would have given the Obama campaign a giant advantage. over the campaign of Mitt Romney, and the campaigns of the entire Republican Party.



The increasingly close relationship between Facebook and Washington worries some privacy advocates who fear it will allow the social networking company to escape government scrutiny. But Facebook, like Google before it, appears to have become irresistible to politicians who see it as a way to connect with young, tech-savvy audiences.

If this emerging theory is true, then Democrat polling information would likely have been more accurate than that of the GOP.  Outreach and identification of voters would have been state-of-the-art, permitting the Obama campaign to identify and classify the preferences of even low-propensity voters, by zip code, virtually at every stop sign in America.  (Facebook permits  advertisers to identify their audiences not just by city, but down to ZIP CODE.)

In all the vital layers of campaigning and especially in Getting Out The Vote efforts, connecting ground volunteers with premium data and online outreach would have been elevated to a new, 21st Century level.  Being

Obama Chicago Backroom: Headquarters for ONLINE outreach. The GOP could have had one too…but they didn’t.

privy to an voter’s particular preferences, location, and even chat, would make it possible to identify them, access their friends and identify them, and communicate with a literal universe of voters, DIRECTLY.

Especially In an election year when voters were not watching TV with the same intensity, filtering TV ads out of their viewing, dumping direct mail advertisements in the trash, and turning off telephones to avoid robo-calls, having unfettered access and extraordinary data on voters who communicate online, was a rich opportunity.

In addition to large donations made by Google and Facebook directly to the Obama campaign, Barack Obama’s Blue State Digital Technology consultants literally grew the President’s Facebook page into the size of a  COUNTRY, boasting 30 million followers.  In several online news articles, the Obama

Obama campaign social networking “warehouse” which worked around the clock doing online outreach…perhaps for years in advance of 2012 election.

campaigns committed effort to building out this following was detailed.

By “farming” friends and building relationships with young adults, women and perhaps targeted Latinos, the Obama campaign micro-targeted just the likely voters it needed, in just the zip codes which would win precincts, in any race, county or state in the country.

One million cell phones were also reportedly a part of the Obama campaign strategy in the state of Ohio.  The Kitchen Cabinet received reports that Obama followers received text messages with photos of ten of their own Facebook

Obama campaign reportedly fielded one million cell phones on the ground in the crucial state of Ohio.

friends who had not yet voted….asking them to contact them and get them out to the polls.

A fabulous strategy, and made even more vibrant…if Google’s and Facebooks’s illegally-obtained data was also at work.

Meanwhile the GOP, would be using 20th Century means of acquiring data, from  decaying lists of merchants, organizations, and marketers around the country.

It is no wonder that pollsters like Dick Morris and Karl Rove were baffled by the turnout, and the results of last Tuesday’s national elections.  Their predictions were trumped by Democrats who knew their audience better, communicated with them in custom and personal ways, and got out their votes in almost state-by-state surgical strikes.

The only question is, was it legal?



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15 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE: The 2012 Election Was Won By Stealing Your Private Information
November 6, 2013

  1. where is the ACLU
    if this was Bush they would be screaming from the mountain tops

  2. But with our current dead between the ears Congress, nothing will ever be done about it!

  3. This is outragious. Why is this coming out now?

  4. I guess us old people are out of touch and not tuned in.   This was a horrilbe defeat for the People of this country.  Not just Republicans.   Everyone.    Please pursue this and stop it!

  5. WE THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA need to rise up and let it be known we wont staand for this!! BUIT will any one do it? No so we are all screwd

  6. Here is an article that claims two of the biggest names on the internet have been accused and, to some degree, convicted of stealing information from their subscribers and in order to reply to this article, what is the first thing they ask for? Why personal information, of course.

  7. Nice try Phillip. The only information that we “require” is a name and an email address, both of which can easily be false is you would so choose, so give us a break. This is standard protocol for blog commenting — some sites like Michelle Malkin’s and Hot Air only allow comments from those that have subscribed to the site, and subscriptions are only processed a few times a year. If you don’t want to participate here you don’t have to. What those two companies were doing was scraping users data without them knowing, let alone granting permission.

  8. What would have been USEFUL here would have been pointers or links to either software or instructions to PREVENT this type of data mining.

  9. lying, stealing. cheating, corruption,,,that’s who he is… it’s how he won in 2008 & how he won this time…..why would one expect more of him…delve into his past,,,there’s a lot there no matter how much he’s hidden, there’s plenty he couldn’t…read…

  10. Obama won! Get over it!

  11. How about Florida and North Carolina when Bush was running against Gore? Who ever is in power has the upper hand. [edited for content] Is it fair? Hell no. What can we do? [edited for content] Until we get money out of politics and a new party to take over, WE ARE [edited for content]..

  12. We have until Dec. 3rd to get the numbers right, let’s focus on that!  Here is the link, go to it & sign & get all your friends to sign so that the illegal votes that were cast will be eliminated & Romney will be given the race that HE WON!!! 


  13. How interesting and unlikely that the government can pinpoint such obvious threats to privacy of Americans (possibly citizens of other countries) and yet refuse to acknowledge they are doing the same thing. At any rate the audience built for Obama’s facebook page are still people who hit the like button, no amount of advertising can make a person do something, and yet here they are 30 million americans hitting like for Barack Obama. Not that it makes the difference people think it does, politicians are the same, there is no difference in the parties. The world doesn’t change because one votes in the election, the world changes when one sees another perspective. For example, I see here that despite campaigning, dodging issues and questions 30 million people hit like for Obama. That means 30 million were choosing Obama and not Rominey unless they hit like on both pages. How will we know? The article is written from a persuasive viewpoint, offering little to no evidence, no references that are unbiased to check on the facts, and no reason to believe the authority of the author.
    Nice try, perhaps learning to report information in a more journalistic fashion centered on revealing truth and not twisting facts to fit the theory.
    Thank you

  14. Rochelle: Thanks for your well-worded comments. Just for your information, Facebook “LIKES” can be purchased. Literally, but micro-targeting and messaging you could buy likes by getting someone to CLICK. It is a staple of the online business. Then a strategic group like obama’s BLUE STATE TECHNOLOGY cultivates them, pretends to be a friend, talks to them, encourages that person to open access to their friends. It’s all very cunning in a way. Any page with millions of LIKES, in the industry it is just understood that purchasing has been at work. What matters on facebook is how many are TALKING ABOUT YOU. During the election, The Kitchen Cabinet got up to 300,000 plus every hour, with only one hundred thousand LIKES. That means people are LISTENING To YOU, reading your posts, commenting, and most of all, sharing.

    We wrote the piece with much back-up. Every claim was sourced. The articles are linked in the body copy and at the end of the article. Most of this information is PUBLIC INFORMATION, and well-documented. We selected The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times, just to be certain we were using the MAINSTREAM media as support for our article. Facebook and Google were HUGE supporters of Barack Obama. This was a clever, if not cunning effort, to turn out voters almost invisibly, and who were generally disengaged in the process and probably not all that informed. It worked! But that doesn’t mean America is changing. It means Obama knew he was in trouble and he went out and found two million more voters than Romney, and most of them not terribly informed. The Election 2012 was engineered.

    Re-check our links and see if you don’t agree.


  15. I am so sick of hearing liberals say get over it. When they find their behinds in a fema concentration camp dying of starvation, I hope they are told get over it.  How are we to get over treason, murder, gun running to our enemies, being brought to our knees as a country, lying daily and all from a little low life obama. The Benghazi Butcher will go on till we no longer exist and or have no country. He has been taking freedoms away one by one, on nearly a daily basis.  No to you ill informed or just ignorant liberals I won’t get over it and when you begin to see all the murders that will take place, just remember your hands are covered with blood also.  You reelected a comunist, traitor, murderer after learning the truth about Benghazi, that makes you  just as guilty.  Long live America as she is supposed to be, under God and indivisible, by impeaching and charging obama with his many crimes. God please let us overcome the vermin that has been devouring us and see a true American back in the whitehouse. In Jesus name, AMEN