CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin on Clarence Thomas: “Rarely Has A Supreme Court Justice Enjoyed Such Broad Vindication.”
September 3, 2011

Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginni

In the past 20 years the Left has tried EVERYTHING to take down both Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his stalwart and successful wife Ginni Thomas… and failed.  No judge has endured the humiliation dealt Clarence Thomas during his Senate Confirmation Hearings.  He survived it, but he has never forgotten it.    For those of us who remember watching, it was sheer torture.  His character was brought into question by his accuser Anita Hill.  Neither of their stories ever waivered.   Thomas was confirmed 52-48 despite the gut-wrenching media circus and sworn in.  Justice Thomas has gone on to seal the credibility of his testimony with his honest life and the giant body of deeply-admired work he is now leaving in the annals of the United States Supreme Court.

Not as publicly-silent as her husband, Ginni Thomas  has refused to become wallpaper simply because her husband has been called to the most important court in the nation.  She recently joined the staff of conservative online news source “The Daily Caller.”  Thomas’ will report on people of influence in politics.  Her life has also been riddled

Ginni Thomas joins "The Daily Caller"

with criticism from the media because of her work at The Heritage Foundation  and her own online effort to support the  constitution, Liberty Central.    Thomas has been particularly vocal against Obamacare, which has caused some democratic voices to call for Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from the case, if heard, by the U.S. Supreme Court.  Further evidence that the Left realizes the growing influence of Clarence Thomas.

Recently, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin wrote a MUST READ  in depth piece on the Washington legal couple in THE NEW YORKER. The piece is unexpected.  Toobin’s exploration reveals that while Clarence Thomas is now famous for NEVER, and we mean virtually NEVER, asking a question during oral arguments, he has emerged as a powerful and an ” intellectual leader of the Supreme Court.”

“Rarely”  Toobin writes, “has a Supreme Court Justice enjoyed such broad or significant vindication.”

So influential and well-written are Thomas’ opinion, that the Left is panicked about the future of Obamacare with Thomas on the bench to unpin its weak constitutional limbs.  Year by year since 2000, the Supreme Court seems to have followed more and more closely Thomas’ lead on issues of free-speech, corporate rights, rights of gun owners, and the powers of the federal government.  Thus the deep-seated fear bubbling in the throats of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and other Obamacare champs, is that their landmark but never-read healthcare legislation could become nothing more than another famously- shredded government document.

Thomas is, in a way, a surprise.  Brought to the national stage as more of a People Magazine figure than a jurist, he has quietly and diligently fulfilled his calling on the Supreme Court.  Jeffrey Toobin writes that “Thomas’ intellect and his influence have also been recognized by those who generally disagree with his views.”   This meaning the “elite” and liberal law community.  It is perhaps the greatest compliment to Clarence Thomas that his opinions receive the admiration of the country’s top law professors, because he still loathes Yale Law School for instance, where he graduated.  Thomas famously “peeled a fifteen-cent sticker off a package of cigars and stuck it on the frame of my law degree to remind myself of the mistake I made by going to Yale.”

Thomas has no patience for the Ivy League viewpoint, and states “I grew up with maids, and janitors, and yard people.”  In a speech to students at Stetson University College of Law, in Gulfport, Florida, he revealed,  “It gives you a perspective on society.  You’re looking from the bottom up, and how people see it from that direction.  You understand why people are angry and upset.  You understand why they become rich soil for class envy and class hatred, or class warfare….You develop an attitude that we are all inherently equal regardless of who went to school and who did not, that there can be smart people who did not have any book learning and never had a chance.  There’s a difference between being poor and being stupid.”

Ginny Thomas seems the perfect match for the principled Clarence Thomas.  Neither minds a fight, but both have

Last Laugh

exemplified class when faced with a brawl.   Ginny Thomas too, sticks by her guns and refuses to be shut down as a political advocate despite her husband’s career.  The media never seems to question liberal couples who both conduct public or government or political careers.  Conservatives, are often another matter.

The greatest revenge is success.  Clarence Thomas may go down in judicial history as the most important voice on the Court in two decades.  In Toobin’s New Yorker article, Steve Calabresi, a law professor at Northwestern and co-founder of the Federalist Society says, “(Thomas’ opinions) are very scholarly, with lots of historical sources, and his views are the most principled, even among the conservatives.  He has staked out some bold positions, and then the Court has set out and moved in his direction.”

It appears the constitutional log jam of Obamacare is headed straight for a buzz saw.



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