CNN POLL: Mitt Romney Leads Or Tied In ALL 4 Early Primary States
October 26, 2011

Getting Traction In All 4 Early Voting States

Yes.. that includes Michele Bachmann’s Iowa.  In an amazing turn-around CNN’s poll suggests that early voters are not distracted by the personalities, media-driven conflicts, or slight variances in GOP economic plans.  REPUBLICAN PRIMARY VOTERS WANT A GOP CANDIDATE WITH THE TOOLS TO WIN.

This in from CNN:

Hot-off-the-presses CNN/Time poll shows Mitt Romney in first place in all the January primary and caucus states, starting with Iowa’s leadoff caucuses.

Romney holds a narrow edge in Iowa, taking 24 percent to Herman Cain’s 21 percent, Ron Paul’s 12 percent and Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry’s 10 percent.

In New Hampshire and Florida, he has wider leads. Romney is ahead of Cain by 27 points – 40 percent to 13 percent – in New Hampshire. He’s up by 12 points – 30 percent to 18 percent – in Florida.

Only South Carolina is a closer race than Iowa: There, Romney has 25 percent of the vote to Cain’s 23 percent, Paul’s 12 percent and Perry’s 11 percent.

The numbers confirm that Romney remains the man to beat, nationally and across the early-state map. But with the exception of New

Fighting His Way To Frontrunner

Hampshire, where Romney has held a strong advantage throughout the race, the poll also shows a fluid contest with much of the party still intrigued by the array of candidates lined up against Romney.

Romney’s enduring base in Iowa could end up being an essential asset for his campaign, as it leaves open the possibility of an early victory that would help him lock down the GOP nomination quickly. Perry is the only other candidate in the race with the infrastructure and money to compete with Romney nationally, and if he can’t get a stronger perch in Iowa and South Carolina, even he’ll be hard-pressed to do that.



One Response to “CNN POLL: Mitt Romney Leads Or Tied In ALL 4 Early Primary States
October 26, 2011

  1. Communist News Network is in Obama’s pocket so naturally they’d pick the creator of Obamacare as the lead.  Time to get in touch with reality, CNN. The real news is that Herman Cain is the next president of the U.S.A.  Get on the Cain Train or be left at the station