The Christian Science Monitor ON The Kitchen Cabinet!
August 31, 2012

The national Christian Science Monitor is one of the last remaining homes of print journalism in America.  The Monitor’s Linda Feldman hunted down Kitchen Cabinet President Sonja Eddings Brown as she met with delegations at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.  She writes about The Kitchen Cabinet’s unprecedented Get Out The Vote effort for women.  Thanks for getting the word out Linda:

“If we don’t win the independent women’s vote, we lose,” says Sonja Eddings Brown, founder of The Kitchen Cabinet, an effort to spur turnout by conservative women. The group’s modus

The Kitchen Cabinet Is Speaking To Undecided and Independent Women Voters

operandi is to link existing networks and leaders and to leverage their reach through personal contact and social media.

The No. 1 way to move a woman’s vote is to have a friend – not a husband, not a mother, but a friend – move her vote,” Ms. Brown says.”

The Monitor’s Linda Feldman goes on to explain the urgency of the women’s vote:

Obama Might Have The Polling Numbers....But Women Are More And More Disenchanted.

“The latest Gallup analysis shows Obama’s advantage among women hasn’t changed since tracking polls of the presidential campaign began in April: eight percentage points, as of mid-August. Romney leads Obama among men by an equal amount, so for Romney, winning more women could tip a close election.”

When Women Take A Close Look...They Want The Candidate With SKILLS.

“This race is very tight with voters trying to size up each candidate as they perceive them: the relatable personality of Obama but his less-than-stellar job performance versus Romney’s distant personality but his proven track record in business,” write two bipartisan pollsters who recently conducted focus groups of Walmart moms – female voters with children under 18 at home, who shop regularly at Walmart – in Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Wal-Mart Moms want spending control...not birth control.

Walmart moms represent 27 percent of all registered women voters and 14 percent of voters overall. A majority voted for Obama in 2008, swung toward the Republicans in the 2010 midterms, and are still unhappy with Obama. But they haven’t given up on him.

Brown, The Kitchen Cabinet founder, says that 30 million women didn’t vote in 2008, and the No. 1 reason was that they did not know where to go. The second was that they lacked confidence.”

“Those are the women The Kitchen Cabinet is going after,” she says. “We’re going to use online tools and social networking, and ask them to work on the women that they know first.” says Sonja Eddings Brown.”

The Kitchen Cabinet is the movement to unite women from all corners of America who have paychecks, children, parents to take care of, or women who just realize that our future is on the line in this election.  We must look up from our work, our yards, our families, even our churches, and unite.

The Whispers Mr. President....Are About YOU.

We have less than 70 days to make sure that all of the friends and contacts we have, KNOW that Barack Obama needs to find a new home. Because the presidency is not an Executive Training Program.



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