Sonja Eddings Brown

Famous Quotes From Democrats

” You don’t need God anymore, you have us Democrats.”  Nancy Pelosi, quoted in 2006.  We may be stealing from your e-mail stack, but this was sent to us from a devoted Kitchen Cabinet member in St. George, Utah and we love it.  If you’ve seen it, you’ll still love it OUR WAY!

Los Angeles Minorities Tell L.A. Teachers Union: Quit Holding Us Back!

The Los Angeles Unified School District is the 2nd worst in the nation.  Serving nearly 900,000 students and a 6 billion dollar budget, and only 56% of students graduate on time.  Minority leaders and community charity groups are linking arms now to try to slam the L.A. teachers union, UTLA and the school district.  By embarrassing them publicly, perhaps the whole mess while go bankrupt and start OVER?

We’re Not Kidding….Obama’s Teleprompter Stolen

We apologize for making light of this, but how can we ignore the revelation that the President’s teleprompter and audio visual equipment was stolen in Virginia?  Was it done on purpose?  Or just a crime of OPPORTUNITY?  Stolen at a Marriott near Chesterfield, Virginia.  Don’t miss a word provided her by Channel 12 in Virginia!!!!

White House Aiming Its Ammunition At Mitt Romney

Rasmussen says Herman Cain measures up nicely against Barack Obama in this week’s survey.  The only problem?  Cain gets media time, but donations are still very low.  Pollsters can say what they want, but INSIDERS know that The White House is focusing all of it’s

ATM’s Go To The Dogs

Imagine, you walk up to your neighborhood ATM Machine,  in a hurry of course, and instead of waiting behind a student, another businessman, or a working mother, you find yourself waiting on a Golden Retriever who is deftly trying to grasp cash or a debit card out of the machine.  It could happen, as a matter of fact, in Britain it already is.  Today’s photo to share.

It’s Time You Knew What Your Debit Card REALLY Costs

You may find yourself writing more checks now that Bank of America is charging $5 a month for the privilege of using debit cards.  Other banks are sure to follow, and the fee is just a cash cow for B of A.  Learn just how much it costs you every time you swipe your debit card, and what steps you can take to save yourself a little monthly money.

You Can Keep Tony The Tiger…Just Not The Sugar

Tony The Tiger and Count Chocula are going to have to get more fit if they want to meet the expanding federal guidelines for childrens’ breakfast foods.  Michelle Obama’s healthy foods agenda is start to spread and the FTC is demanding that Kelloggs and General Mills comply.  Read how your childhood memories are going to change!

Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.: “We’re Going To Run You Over”

We love this photo, don’t you?  Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. is a dinosaur and an ice storm is coming.  In this video on YouTube, the Teamsters President tries to threaten Ohio Governor John Kasich, who unlike the President, won’t bow to Hoffa and his union demands.   Hoffa is really at his best here.

Pajamas Media Bill Whittle Wants To Teach Wall St. Protestors “A Lesson”

Do you know Bill Whittle of Pajamas Media?  He is one of the sharpest conservative thinkers we’ve met, and today he takes it to the Wall Street protestors, whom he sees as spoiled, entitled, and in need of a little bit of sacrifice!  And he’s got a great idea…

Heating Oil & Natural Gas Going Up For Winter

You know there will be freezing days ahead.  With money tight, the last thing you want is a surprise utility bill arriving in the mail.  Energy costs are scheduled to go up just like everything else.  But there are some simple things every family can do to cut your heating costs.  Take a look.