Sonja Eddings Brown

Mice Might Teach Us How To “Freeze Our Ages”

What else can mice teach us?  The Mayo Clinic makes a breakthrough in the science of aging, and determines that without a few less senescence cells we could all live healthier, maybe even less-wrinkled lives!  The Kitchen Cabinet staff selflessly offers to serve as research models!


Don’t Send Anything Like This To The Kitchen Cabinet…We REJECT IT.  Loudon, Virginia GOP fanatics were at work here.  The last thing the 2012 election needs….is violence.  Here’s the story of how a parade promotion…turned into bad public relations for our Party.

The Art Of A Personal Attack

George Clooney’s new movie, “The Ides of March” tells the story of a presidential hopeful who invites a scandal and is caught by a campaign deputy, who leverages his career with his silence.  After a long day of GOP hopeful Herman Cain bumping against the facts of a harassment case which should be familiar to him, he is probably longing that the allegations were all just scenes from a movie.   No such luck.

CNN POLL: Mitt Romney Leads Or Tied In ALL 4 Early Primary States

Amazing new CNN poll reflects findings that put Mitt Romney center stage among early Primary voters.  He is first or tied for first in all four early Primaries, including IOWA.  See the numbers here.  Cain, Perry and Bachmann?   For the first time, the hard numbers don’t look good.

What Did You Do With YOUR Bachelor’s Degree?

President Obama Promises Free Student Loans If College Co-Eds Will Re-Elect Him!  That was  the President’ message today.  Why else would the Leader of the Free World promise the next generation that as long as he is President, school can be free!  Delay your payments!  Pay only a little and stall until the U.S. Government forgives your debt!  Meanwhile…Obama is secretly burying them in their OWN debt.  The Student Loan Scam….detailed here.

Homeland Security’s Janet Napolitano In The Dark About The Border

A junior Congressman from Utah, Jason Chaffetz, questions Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano about the safety of our border with Mexico, and WHY she didn’t know a thing about:  FAST & FURIOUS.  AND STILL DOESN’T!

The GOP Beauty Contest Continues

Are we in a beauty contest or a historically-defining race for the presidency?  Well the latest GOP poll is out and the writing on the wall is getting easier and easier to read.  Santorum and Huntsman need to take their seats.  Michele Bachmann still holds out hope for Iowa.  Perry is hanging his hopes on his economic Christmas tree plan.  Cain is riding a wave.  But the man Barack Obama goes to bed thinking about?

Mitt Romney.

Steve Forbes Endorses Rick Perry’s Tax Plan

Steve Forbes, former2000 presidential candidate, is the architect of Governor Rick Perry’s economic plan.  Strange bedfellows?  Hard to say.  Here the multi-zillionaire shares his personal endorsement of the new tax plan, which is bound to have accountants take a pencil to it!  Is it perhaps too much of a tax Christmas tree????

Poland’s Heroic Lech Walesa Says “NO” To Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street strategists OF COURSE would have loved to make respected Polish President a flag carrier for the psuedo-movement.  Walesa and his foundation refused after being informed of who is taking part!   President Walesa also said NO to…. Barack Obama.  Read on!

Marco Rubio Under Attack By Libs is trying to start a dust-up with brilliant Florida Senator Marco Rubio.  The accusation is that Rubio fattened up or embellished the immigration story of his family.  Rubio flatly denies any such allegation and stands by the 55-year old story his parents have shared of finding a new life in America after beginning in Cuba.   In a challenge of truthfulness, The Kitchen Cabinet explains why Rubio will always be the winner.