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T.J. Woods’ Father Tells The Truth…About Benghazi

There is nothing more honest than a father speaking of a lost son.  Unfortunately, when Charles Woods was greeted by the President as he received the remains of Benghazi hero T.J. Woods, he did not receive the same honesty or even sensitivity.  You must read his account of meeting the President, Secretary of State Clinton, and Vice President Biden in his toughest hour, and….weep.

No One Died In…Watergate

The sickening mismanagement of the Libyan tragedy and the assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, has erased any shred of faith women voters could have in President Obama.  He failed the test of Commander-in-Chief when our Consulate was under attack by Al Qaeda on September 11th, and he fails the test of integrity….by not owning it.

A Man Who Knows His Way…To A Prayer

What is the story behind this photograph?  Look closely at this private moment captured by former Bush White House photographer, now Romney photographer, Eric Draper.  It gives a hint of the man Americans have tried so hard to know this year, and who now are embracing in crowds of thousands.  Read more:

Romney Could Have Used A Big Stick…And Didn’t.

Dissatisfied with the final debate because Governor Romney didn’t ATTACK?   FOX NEWS Charles Krauthammer put it best.  “Mitt Romney went big.  Barack Obama went small.  Very small.”  Romney did what he always does.  Looked two years down the road, while everyone else…was watching a debate.  Read WHY Romney is winning by a growing margin.

And Now…A Word From Our Armed Forces

If Only We Could Erase 4 Years The Same Way!

Cleveland Voter Fraud Billboard..PULLED DOWN

This billboard?  A friendly reminder to voters in the Cleveland, Ohio area that voter fraud is a FELONY.  But now thanks to civil rights activists with a legal fund, all 145 billboards will have to come down.  They’re intimidating, according to a judge, to voters.  Huh?  How about just a fair warning?

The only way Obama can win now….is to cheat.  Here’s the story.

Bulletin: Obama Campaign Goes Into DEBT

Meltdown beginning?  The Obama campaign has taken out a loan with Bank of America, for $15 million.  It comes due on November 14th. Bank of America has been the President’s secret treasure trove of cash….but this is the first time the campaign has had to ask for a LOAN.  Perhaps the campaign is already over?  WHERE IS THE ONE BILLION dollar hot air balloon which was supposed to carry Obama to a second term?


Deliberate or Just…Incompetent???

Mother Of Libyan Attack Victim Sean Smith…Slams Obama

Somehow the President seems to have a tin ear for foreign policy, especially when it involves attacks by Muslim’s on the U.S.  Today Pat Smith calls out the President for minimizing the death of her son, which probably could have been avoided, and for which there is still no HONEST explanation.