What Did You Do With YOUR Bachelor’s Degree?

President Obama Promises Free Student Loans If College Co-Eds Will Re-Elect Him!  That was  the President’ message today.  Why else would the Leader of the Free World promise the next generation that as long as he is President, school can be free!  Delay your payments!  Pay only a little and stall until the U.S. Government forgives your debt!  Meanwhile…Obama is secretly burying them in their OWN debt.  The Student Loan Scam….detailed here.

First Lady Michelle Obama Campaigns…For The U.S. Supreme Court

The White House generally keeps The First Lady under wraps because her liberal perspectives too often require presidential damage control.  This week, campaigning in Rhode Island, Michelle Obama telegraphed one of the most important missions of the Obama 2012 presidential campaign.  GET THE SUPREME COURT FOR THE LEFT.    Read her plain speak.  Gun Control, Gay Marriage, Healthcare, School Choice and other cultural issues are just one vote away from being completely transformed in America….if Obama wins.

Los Angeles Minorities Tell L.A. Teachers Union: Quit Holding Us Back!

The Los Angeles Unified School District is the 2nd worst in the nation.  Serving nearly 900,000 students and a 6 billion dollar budget, and only 56% of students graduate on time.  Minority leaders and community charity groups are linking arms now to try to slam the L.A. teachers union, UTLA and the school district.  By embarrassing them publicly, perhaps the whole mess while go bankrupt and start OVER?

White House Aiming Its Ammunition At Mitt Romney

Rasmussen says Herman Cain measures up nicely against Barack Obama in this week’s survey.  The only problem?  Cain gets media time, but donations are still very low.  Pollsters can say what they want, but INSIDERS know that The White House is focusing all of it’s

Pajamas Media Bill Whittle Wants To Teach Wall St. Protestors “A Lesson”

Do you know Bill Whittle of Pajamas Media?  He is one of the sharpest conservative thinkers we’ve met, and today he takes it to the Wall Street protestors, whom he sees as spoiled, entitled, and in need of a little bit of sacrifice!  And he’s got a great idea…

Heating Oil & Natural Gas Going Up For Winter

You know there will be freezing days ahead.  With money tight, the last thing you want is a surprise utility bill arriving in the mail.  Energy costs are scheduled to go up just like everything else.  But there are some simple things every family can do to cut your heating costs.  Take a look.

Parents ARRESTED For Jumping Students To Better Schools

Parents are getting handcuffed for trying to get their kids into good public schools?  Unbelievable, but true.  The Wall Street Journal offers some information today on HOW states can toss parents into jails simply because they hunger to give them a better life and a better education.  This story will make you angry!

Set Your DVR For Sunday News Shows

IF you’re interested in whom will be making the rounds on Sunday morning talk shows, read the line-up here.  Herman Cain will be the headliner and the chief newsmaker of the week!

Encircle Your Daughters: The HPV Vaccination

Should the government  be able to insist that we vaccinate our daughters for sexual diseases?  No the government is not our family, and we should be making such crucial decisions in an informed way in our own homes.  But should parents be vigilant about the threats facing our kids in today’s highly-sexualized world?  Yes.  Danger is as close as their cell phones, their keyboards, and their friends.  The Kitchen Cabinet’s Sonja Eddings Brown says what you’re watching on “Law and Order” your teens are living more than you know.

ESPN & Mike Tyson: Sarah Palin Is A Human Being

Sarah Palin verbally attacked by convicted rapist and world heavyweight Mike Tyson this week on ESPN Radio.  No woman, no public servant,  no man in politics, should ever have to be subjected to such a sexual attack anywhere , or anytime.  And from a convicted rapist.  Read what happened, and why ESPN should be accountable for it.