Why AG Eric Holder Has The President’s Protection

Why is President Obama willing to mirror the disastrous moves of Richard Nixon and make desperate attempts to seal information until he is re-elected?  What’s everyone hiding?  Eric Holder is now a historic Attorney General, but hardly for the right reasons.  Why Obama has his buddy’s back.

WOMEN: What Obamacare Will Mean To Your Wallet

John Roberts and his Supreme Court rule that the Federal Government has the right to TAX US TO DEATH.  We all want good healthcare for our families…but we’re not willing to bury our children in debt to get it.  Read why your paycheck is going to be shrinking and the mood in your doctor’s office is going to be gloomy, thanks to this decision.

Cabinet Bulletin: Obamacare To Be Shredded

JUDGEMENT DAY: Healthcare legal experts predict that the SUPREME COURT will shoot down the Individual Mandate and the Medicaid provisions in Obamacare, and that the rest of the law will be left tattered for Congress to weed through and begin looking for NEW POLITICAL SOLUTIONS.

U.S. Supreme Court Halts Arizona Law

The U.S. Supreme Court mirrors the country:  CONTENTIOUS.  Even so, the Justices shoot down Arizona’s tough stance on illegal immigration and Governor Jan Brewer is forced to regroup.  Justice Scalia spoke for all:  It boggles the mind that Arizona can’t enforce immigration laws when the Federal Government does not.”

ESPN Sports Tells The Truth About Sandusky’s Abuse

Legal experts are saying that today, ONE IN FOUR boys is faced with sexual abuse of some kind.  Among girls, sexual abuse occurs to ONE in THREE.  ESPN sportswriters explain how something so horrible could happen to vulnerable young boys, in a place thought to be… good.

Obama Doesn’t Let Paperwork Stand In His Way


ASSERTING EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE WHEN IN DEEP TROUBLE?  In a contentious election year when the President is desperately just trying to stay EVEN in the race? For members of the press corps, this is just like sending a flaming arrow.  All the eyes focused on Eric Holder’s fishy and close-to-the-vest congressional testimony in “Fast & Furious,”  …..will now DOUBLE.


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The National Organization Of A FEW Women Attacks Laura Bush

 Laura Bush needs another award like grass needs dandelions.  Even so, a handful of “feminists” are attacking the former First Lady for not being one of “THEM.”   Here’s why that is really….a compliment!


Your wallet feeling lighter?  Your house in the hands of the bank?  Your rainy day fund…non existent?  Join the club.  Even the Feds admit….average Americans have lost 50% of everything they own because of The Great RECESSION.  Fifty Percent??????

You’re Paying For Joe Biden’s $20,000 Golf Games

Should taxpayers be footing the bill for Vice President Joe Biden’s  GOLF GAMES?  With the President?  And his personal trips home to Delaware, even though he is being paid to live and work in Washington, D.C.?  Biden seems to have lost his “common” touch…..