TKC EXCLUSIVE: Black Panther Faction At The Cleveland Board of Elections “Updated”
November 5, 2012

NBPP At Philly Early Voting Site

[UPDATE: FOXNews reports New Black Panthers at Philadelphia polling site, also confirms yesterday’s Cleveland poll watch sightings. Video at the link.]

There were also reports of New Black Panther Party members at polling sites in Cleveland, Ohio, where they have also maintained a presence at early voting sites. Critics complain that they are an intimidating presence and could discourage white voters, who may be more likely to vote Republican, from entering polling sites.

What’s the message when a voter can’t enter a polling place without going around a “Black Panther?”

Photos and Videography: TKC’s Jeff Janas on the ground in Cleveland, Ohio.

There have been repeated reports of a new faction of Black Panthers showing up at polling places patrolling Early Voting in Ohio neighborhoods.  Today Kitchen Cabinet staffers assigned to the inner city of Cleveland actually witnessed a handful of the group, standing in front of the doors of the Cleveland Board of Elections.

Are these “retro” Black Panthers making their presence known as a gentle reminder to African Americans to stand by their President?  Intimidation seems to be the word of the day in this tough neighborhood where members of Ohio union locals line the sidewalks of the biggest polling center in Cleveland, daring anyone not “with” them to cross their line.

The NEW Black Panthers making their presence known on the sidewalks of one of Cleveland’s most African American voting neighborhoods.

Many of the African American poor who scratch out a living in downtown Cleveland are being bused in by the Obama campaign, and when they arrive there is plenty of guidance on how to vote.  Electioneering laws go right out the window as union leaders like these guide voters just inches away from the Polls.

Listen closely:

Free hot dogs and water and pre-printed sample ballots too.

The truth is the Obama campaign is scheduling a literal circus of activity in this Cuyahoga County city center. Free hotdogs, free water, free concerts by Jon Legend and others.  Spike Lee wanders around, but without optimism.  Stevie Wonder arrived and pounded out a free concert right near the Board of Elections…but only 200 turned out even for him!  Vice President Biden came to town, but only 900 showed up to his event.  Meanwhile, 15,000 fans of Mitt Romney were across town waiting for hours just to catch a glimpse of our likely next President.

Spike Lee wandering the street by Board of Elections in downtown Cleveland. No hint of optimism from the famous filmmaker.

Despite the downtown sideshows, Ohio Early Voting numbers reveal that at least 13% of African American voters are thinking it over or just staying home.  Totals for the Democrats in this, the biggest Democratic county in Ohio, are down. Latest numbers today indicate that Independent voting totals are also down from 2008.  Meanwhile Republican Early Voting is at 136% of 2008 totals for John McCain.

Across Cuyahoga County, Ohio… Mitt Romney crowds dwarf the Obama and Biden events. Republicans already turning out 136% over 2008.



The result as we go into Election Day?  Romney is wiping out Barack Obama’s entire advantage Obama had in Ohio in 2008.  Election Day numbers?  Will be OWNED by passionate, engaged, and outraged, Republican voters.

This video of the panorama of the street corners of Cleveland’s downtown polling place, says it all.

It’s busy, but not busy enough.  Lines of African American voters filled the cold streets for a few hours this morning, but at the end of the day, only something close to 3000 had voted.  Four years ago, it was easily over 5000 a day.

Four years of Barack Obama hasn’t changed life for Cleveland’s youngest citizens.

Even The Black Panthers can’t make African Americans vote for Barack Obama when one third of all the children in Cleveland, are going to sleep hungry every night.




17 Responses to “TKC EXCLUSIVE: Black Panther Faction At The Cleveland Board of Elections “Updated”
November 5, 2012

  1. Obama proves he’s a nice guy. Who else would pay for transport to the people who are voting for Romney. President elect Romney and the pretend president that America has had to suffer with these past 4 years. 
    Romney takes office on Jan. 13 / 2013 and on the 14th, the investigation of Obama begins. Lets give him and his minions a nice tropical retirement home in a resort called Gitmo. 

  2. It isn’t just black children going to sleep hungry it is white children as well, but no one talks about that. If Obama is re-elected there will a whole lot more children and families without food and homes. His agenda is to make everyone a slave to his big government. He wants revenge for his father who hated the occupiers (The Colonialist), of which he believes ruined his life. He was lazy, just as his son is. He was a drunk, and that is what ruined his life and also ended it. Barack Hussein Obama, is a very bitter man, he will do whatever he can to destroy what his father detested and that is Capitalism and America!

  3. That’s sad. Not that they’re not voting for Obama, but because they won’t go vote at all.
    they’re too tied to 1 party to think freely and vote for someone that will give them the opportunity to do for themselves and make something for themselves on their own.
    They don’t know how to break the chains of servitude and they are demoralized that their masters cannot force others to support their servitude.

    My countrymen languish in a prison of their own making and I cannot help them. This saddens me the most.

  4. Where are the UN Soldiers aren’t they supposed to be watching for this kind of thing,, Hell no they are here to make sure Obama gets his victory one way or another,, I wouldn’t want to be a blue hat if the grease hits the fire..

  5. How come these pictures and the story is a complete opposite of what’s posted here?  Just keep thinking the Democrats aren’t coming out to vote.  You will wake up with a surprise.

  6. Ohio voters stand in lines wrapping around the block for hours to vote. 

  7. Last one.  Romney campaign poll watchers misleading voters. You can talk all you want about what Democrats are doing, the Republicans have spent that last two years trying to obstruct, block, suppress and now mislead voters.  Maybe these people are out there trying to make sure the GOP poll watchers aren’t trying to lie to people.

    Wisconsin Election Official Confirms Romney Poll Watcher Materials Are Inaccurate 

  8. Well where are the UN advisors and election enforcement THUGS.  WHAT A JOKE .N..   NOT A FUNNY ONE FOR SURE

  9. Don’t let them scare you! 

  10. Hence when I called the DOJ directly to ask if this would be occurring again, their answer was ‘no comment’ I knew that very moment. And yeah, WTF are the UN. I’ve never, ever, seen anything like this in my lifetime. And this sh!t ends today. GO VOTE #RR2012 Pray people..

  11. Haven’t been out to vote YET… but I am going as soon as I get the kids off to their classes. I am going prepared (an old school, boy scout mandate). I am going with a copy of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and copies of what to do IF my voting machine “malfunctions”… I am not sure if I will run into any un watchers, black panthers or anything of that ilk but I am prepared to stand up foe my rights to vote for whom I choose…I WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED or BULLIED into voting for another 4 years of Barry Soetoro impostering as PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES.

  12. Of al things, if I was at first going for whoever candidate & this was going on to support that person (PERIOD) I would not vote them in. I would think that they represent that person in a way that is pushy… domineering & intimidating! Who wants that type of government or to encourage this type of community to live in?

  13. And why aren’t they being arrested?

  14. a silly naive opinionated partisan article devoid of understanding and true facts.

  15. This is a manufactured story.  These men are not black panthers (they are black for sure) and they are not preventing anyone from voting.  Ignorance is not bliss because you people know that you are lying.  Looks like you went looking for some random black men and decided to lie about the whole thing.  You Republicans are always attacking others for what YOU are doing.  You are the people who purge, obstruct and threaten people who are trying to exercise their Constitutional rights to vote.  This is not slavery and black people are not going to allow you to put them there. The last time I checked, it was not against the law to cross a street as in one of the pictures you posted, nor to talk to a friend. You should be ashamed of yourself, Mr. Janis, but then again if you were capable of shame you wouldn’t have posted this ridiculous “story” in the first place.

  16. Anna, honey, go to polls and see it ain’t the GOP disenfranchising, threatening, blocking doors, rigging machines, etc. Hope you learn the truth someday, rather than accept bilge

  17. Thanks Anna!  But we were THERE.  Appreciate your interest in The Kitchen Cabinet.