Bill Maher’s WAR on WOMEN
July 15, 2012

Slamming Women For Money...and Headlines

But it’s not just him.  He’s just the leader of the band.  Bill Maher only has a bully pulpit because HBO gives it to him.  It’s a subscription network and the only way he can attract viewers are a paycheck, is to say things so inflammatory that it makes headlines.  Trashing Conservative women simply helps him make the best living.

This week, Peggy Noonan holds him accountable.  She hits a home run.  Her WSJ column about the liberal MEDIA’s attack on women with Conservative values and missions, will make the hackles raise on the back of anyone’s neck.  Thanks to The Wall Street Journal for printing it!  Peggy Noonan writes:

“There is a war against women. It is something comparatively new in our national life, and we have to start noticing it.

It is not a “Republican war on women.” It has nothing to do with White House attempts to paint conservative efforts to protect religious liberty as a war against women’s rights to contraceptives. That is a mischievous fiction, and the president’s polls this week suggest it isn’t working. Good.

A Sage Voice For Women

But the real war is against women in American public life, in politics and media most obviously, but in other spheres as well. In this war, leaders who are women are publicly demeaned and diminished based on the fact that they are women. They are the object of sexual slurs, and insulted in sexual terms. The words used are vulgar, and are meant to tear down and embarrass.

Every woman in American public life knows of it. They talk about it in private. They’ve all experienced it.

Here are some of the words that have been hurled the past few years at public figures who are female: “slut,” “whore,” “prostitute,” “bimbo.” You know the other, coarser words that have been used. But the point is, these are not private insults. They are said in public.

Cancer Survivor and Mother of 2 Wisconsin's Rebeccas Kleefisch...humiliated by radio talk show host who suggested she performed oral sex for interviews.

This is something new in American political life, that women can be spoken of this way.

Eleanor Roosevelt was probably the most controversial first lady ever, but no one ever felt they could speak of her in these terms in public. Dorothy Thompson may have been the most controversial commentator of the 20th century, but no one felt free to take to the airwaves, to go on the radio, and oppose her in such a low and vulgar way.

But you don’t have to go back 60 and 70 years to see how much things

And it's a BLAZING fire......

have changed. Twenty years ago the discourse was higher.

All this has devolved into a political argument about who’s worse, the right or the left. I don’t think that’s the most important question, but since it’s on the table the answer is the left. We all know about Bill Maher, David Letterman, Ed Schultz. A liberal radio host a while back accused the Republican lieutenant governor of Wisconsin of performing “fellatio on all the talk show hosts in Milwaukee.”




10 Responses to “Bill Maher’s WAR on WOMEN
July 15, 2012

  1. MAHER is an ass, I think no one will argue that point. I won’t watch any of them.

  2. Thank you so much for just telling like it is.  Sure glad to read that not everyone has their blinders on and ear plugs in.  The vulgar, hateful demeaning speech that is directed at human beings instead of the issues makes me think of how many parents have seriously failed at their job to raise responsible productive citizens.  Now we have such a large group of back yard bullies that feel it is okay to trash anyone that doesn’t agree with them and the louder they are, the bigger the bully they are.  So many mothers need to be ashamed. 

  3. Why does anyone give these losers airspace? Their opinions mean nothing in the big picture; they are not intelligent enough to take seriously!!!

  4. Women definately have to have atough or thick skin now days.  This type of attack is uncalled for by either side. Beyound that it usualy has nothing to do with the issues being discussed.  Fcc probably has rules against this kind of thing.  Defamation of charachter is a crime these people made to be held accountable. 

  5. THANK YOU for this article! It’s high time SOMEONE with some guts took notice and brought attention to this problem. If this behavior is not called out and the offender publically put to shame, it will continue and spread to other groups of women. The other side will feel compelled to fight back with similar tactics, and NOWHERE does that bode well for women. So, whether you’re a Dem, Independent, or a Rep. doesn’t matter here. If you’re a WOMAN then stand up and speak out NOW!

  6. It is amazing to me that  the media fights so hard to get rid of conservative talk radio, but will stand for and allow the sludge and garbage that comes out of the mouths of Maher, Letterman and other disgusting liberal shows.  Speaks to the content of their character.

  7. Bill Maher needs a Saul-on-the-Damascus Road, encounter with Jesus Christ. How many will pray for THAT today? How about starting NOW?

  8. You are a brave woman to call out these foul mouth parrots!   The Christian thing to do is to pray for their conversions and I will do that! 

  9. I will, Kmama!

  10. Bill Maher & all his ilk are self-centered, self-serving and ill informed, prejudiced idiots. Wanting only to look good in THEIR eyes. They are legends in their own minds. They are just repeating & parroting comments made from others. Spewing untruths, 1/2 truths & flatout misinformation, without a conscience.
    I don’t watch or listen to Maher, Letterman(who is NOT funny-comically, just funny – odd) or Schultz. As if Letterman is free from sin – HA!