Another Disappointing Day For Cain Supporters
November 7, 2011

Media-Hound Gloria Allred and Cain Accuser #4

Gloria Allred is one of the most infamous media-hounds in the U.S.   The Los Angeles attorney’s own “celebrity” enables her to find and attract clients in the public eye.  Today that cache paid off for her again.  Allred stepped into the limelight and delivered the fourth accuser of  GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain to the national stage.   The first woman to add her name and face to her allegations is Sharon Bialek of Chicago, Illinois, an attractive, mature, blonde woman who once worked for the National Restaurant Association’s Education Foundation.  She described in graphic detail how in 1994,  Herman Cain took advantage of her wish to ask for a job.  Bialek claims that Herman Cain upgraded her hotel room to a suite and hosted her for drinks and dinner.   During their return to the NRA’s offices in Cain’s car,  Bialek alleges that Cain reached inappropriately beneath her dress and pulled her head over to his lap.

Gloria Cain Had One Request In The Campaign: "Keep Our Personal Life Out Of It"

Finally, Ms. Bialek claims that she told Herman Cain “No” and reminded him that she had a boyfriend, someone that Cain had met.  Cain,  immediately stopped the advance, according to Bialek.

In some of Gloria Allred’s previous high-profile “revelations” details have been slim at best.  What will be troubling for Herman Cain fans is that Gloria Allred and her client were able to produce supportive evidence of Bialek’s charge.  Two men, including a physician whom Ms. Bialek was dating at the time, have offered signed statements verifying that Bialek told them immediately after the incident what had occurred.

In addition, Attorney Joseph Bennett,  who represents the first Cain accuser to come forward and issue a statement, also verifies that Ms. Bialek’s charges parallel the details of his client’s unwanted encounter with Herman Cain in the 1990’s.

All of these sordid details, and the similarities of the claims and cases, are worrying GOP leaders across the nation.  Hear Sharon Bialek  and you be the judge:

Republican leaders around the country are asking Cain to put an end to the speculation.  Governor Haley Barbour, head of the National Governor’s Association called on Herman Cain to put his “cards face up on the table”,   The Cain campaign instead, is blaming the media for giving a

Republican Governor's Association Leader Haley Barbour Says "Put Cards On The Table"

national stage to false accusations.  The Cain campaign, as late as today, maintains that Cain has “never sexually-harassed anyone.”

Meanwhile, the latest polls hint that  some voters are tiring of the question mark about Cain’s character. A Washington Post poll taken after the recent harassment allegations emerged, shows Cain dropping about 9 points.   Even so, committed supporters of Herman Cain have helped him to raise almost $2 million during the past week,  matching what the Republican candidate for the presidency has raised throughout his entire campaign.





3 Responses to “Another Disappointing Day For Cain Supporters
November 7, 2011

  1. She’s just a blonde bimbo enjoying the flashbulbs in her face!

  2. This great Republic requires that a person is innocent until found guilty. Where is Jesse Jackson and the other career racists when a black man like Herman Cain is being found guilty on someone’s words? I don’t believe any of the accusations and believe in my heart that the liberals and media and perhaps some conservatives are so afraid of Herman Cain that they will do anything to get him out of the race for President. I am a woman and I just want to tell Herman Cain that I am behind him 100% and hope that when he is nominated he will choose Newt Gingrich as his VP and THEN watch real change come to Washington and our government.

  3. Phyllis…how many men can, with a clear conscience, step out on that limb?