Ann Romney Shines A Light….On Women
August 28, 2012

A Homerun For Ann Romney...Reaching Out To Independent Women

Ann Romney became a superstar at the Tampa Forum by doing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary…for her.

Her forthright, warm and personal convention speech this week, is being described by most Conservatives and media watchers as the best “candidate’s wife” speech ever.  Only  political insiders know how big of a compliment that statement actually is.

All Ann Romney did, was be herself.

The charm of Mrs. Romney is that she is authentic, in a time when women in America are tiring of phonies.  Particularly in politics. .

Ann Romney’s remarks revealed a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, and who measures her achievements in things that last.  Most members of the media raved about her natural delivery and clever style on her first attempt to speak using a teleprompter.

FOX News’ Juan Williams was one of few who didn’t warm up to the potential First Lady’s girl-next-door presentation, and labeled her just

Corporate Wife? Is that a slur?

another  “corporate wife.”

Juan, on the subject of women, is standing on a remote island, all by himself!

Anyone else could see Ann Romney’s not-so-secret formula working.  The reality that it might be bottled and shared in every Battleground State between now and November, excited the convention crowd even more than Paul Ryan or glimpses of Mitt Romney.

At a special women’s breakfast less than 12 hours after her triumph at the podium, Mrs. Romney shared even more personal glimpses of her feelings about the state of the country, and the challenge of being surrounded by presidential-level security, lights, and schedules:

Two Women Who Are Making Being A Mother....a profession.

“I feel sorry for Jana and her family, just being thrown into the middle of all this chaos and security.  I’ve been working up to it for quite a few months, but I worry about Jana’s kids and the big change in their lives.”  Mrs. Romney told a crowd of about a thousand early morning women supporters.

Mrs. Romney made it clear to her audience that after a slap in the face in 2008, she WOULD NOT be interested in jumping into the presidential fray again.  But before long, seeing the dangerous economic realities of the nation, changed her view:

“I asked MItt if it was too late, if we really would have the opportunity to dig in and do something to fix the economy.  He looked at me and said, “It’s bad, but it’s not completely too late.  There is STILL a chance.”

Hard To Ignore Success

Ann Romney said she told her husband right there and then, “Then you MUST run.  For the kids and grandchildren.”

Mrs. Romney made it very clear that being in the national limelight is challenging, to her health and to the family.  But everyone at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, knows she is ALL in.




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