12 Reasons One Woman Is Voting For Mitt
November 3, 2012

By Christine Dudley

Ms. Dudley is a former Executive Director of the Republican Party in Illinois and an early supporter of The Kitchen Cabinet. Her editorial was published in the Chicago Tribune this week:

In their own words Romney and Obama have best defined this election.

“If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition”President Obama, Feb. 2, 2009

“We can do better, we don’t have to stay on the path we are on.”Mitt Romney, Oct. 4, 2012

Americans are hungry for leadership. We are hard-wired to look forward. We reach for the stars, build for the future and believe the possibilities provided in America are endless. Obama’s 2008 election demonstrated that spirit.

There is a palpable anger evident in the electorate that President Obama squandered his opportunity and was unable to provide the leadership to move America forward.

I believe Romney’s skills and vision can and will.

Here are my 12 reasons to vote for him.

12. The deficit. We’re at $16 trillion and climbing. The U.S. can’t compete in the global marketplace with that kind of weight around our necks. We need leaders willing to take away the credit card. Romney’s budget plan caps federal spending at 20 percent of gross domestic product, down from the 24 percent under Obama.

Women can’t afford another four years of Barack Obama

11. Taxes/jobs. While the current administration seems content with the downward spiral in the number of households actually paying federal income taxes (read: those who have income), Romney is putting forward plans to cut and reform taxes in ways that will give households more money to spend. He wants to eliminate the duplicative death tax, implement a permanent, across-the-board 20 percent cut in marginal rates, and offer tax credits for research and development, all of which will stimulate an economy where job creators have been stymied by uncertainty.

10. Regulations/jobs. Romney has committed to a quick and full review of federal regulations to assess duplication and evaluate bureaucratic red tape that impedes small businesses and entrepreneurs. Some Republican governors, such as Mitch Daniels of Indiana, have taken a similar approach and have been demonstrably successful in their ability to attract new businesses to their states.

9. Energy/jobs. Look no further than North Dakota, where the economy is booming because Romney’s top energy adviser, Oklahoma oilman Harold Hamm, the son of a sharecropper, had the wherewithal and entrepreneurial vision to explore fossil fuel usage. Romney supports that kind of ingenuity, which will build jobs and put America on a path toward energy independence.

8. Education/jobs. Romney backs school choice. Educational choice spurs competition, which breeds excellence, which results in better jobs for more people.

7. Women/jobs. It is not about binders, it is about economic opportunity. Women have been particularly hit hard in the Obama economy — 5.5 million now unemployed, an increase of 451,000 since 2009; a poverty rate for women at 16.3 percent. Unacceptable.

6. Compromise. Romney demonstrated the ability to work in a bipartisan fashion as governor of Massachusetts. True, he had little choice given the Democratic majorities in the Legislature at that time, but he got things done and learned that lawmakers respond to leadership, not petulance.

5. Competition. Freer markets under Romney will encourage innovation, create jobs and lead to prosperity.

4. Health care. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was a 2,500-page bill rammed through Congress before most lawmakers even read it. It allows bureaucratic panels to determine which treatments patients will be able to get and will encourage employers to reduce their employee head counts to avoid fines or requirements to provide insurance. Enough said. Repeal and replace.

3. National Security. Two words: Benghazi, Libya.

Romney: The Real Deal

2. Experience. Romney’s extensive executive experience in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors is what the nation needs in the White House.

1. Change. As a wise Eastern European immigrant recently opined to me, “The president has had four years. That is long enough. It didn’t work. We can’t wait. We need change now.”




3 Responses to “12 Reasons One Woman Is Voting For Mitt
November 3, 2012

  1. and contrary to the disgusting popular lie…we will still have control over our vaginas…

  2. the democrats have waged a war on women starting with john kennedy and marilyn monroe if you want to be truthful…bill clinton & hillary escalated it…obama has allowed it to go over the top… the worst of it is, they have subltly coerced women into participating in it willingly and believing the dems are on their side…it is shameful …

  3. And I must add: Ann Romney. There is a woman who did not BLINDLY “stand by her man”, but, like me, CHOSE a man she could stand behind!!! I have heard her strong endorsement of her husband’s character, and seen that character on the campaign trail, and I am VERY IMPRESSEED with both of them! Many may have read my strongly worded, (somewhat sarcastic), posts directed straight to KC; and know I was not a Mitt Romney supporter in the Primaries; But I have to say, with the kind of campaign Obama ran, I don’t think anyone else accept maybe Michelle Bachmann would have handled the barbs with the great combination of grace AND controlled battle-back that Mitt, Ann and Paul Ryan have! That kind of performance over the long haul is not a performance at all, but comes from Character and Experience! They have ALL waged a GREAT campaign!